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Who came 3rd in the 1999 FIFA World Player of the Year Award?
How many FA Cups has Ashley Cole won?
Who has made the most appearances for the Argentinian National Football team?
In 2009, Sunderland scored against Liverpool when the ball deflected in off what object?
In what city is the Old Firm Derby contested?
What colour is the 2014/15 home shirt of Bristol City FC?
What shirt number did Gianfranco Zola wear during his time at Chelsea?
One of the nicknames for Sevilla FC is 'Los Palanganas', which translates to?
How many Italian League titles have Genoa won?
In what year was the Spanish La Liga founded?
What is the furthest stage in the UEFA European Championships that Hungary have made it to?
How many roses are on the England national team crest?
How many football clubs does the Canadian Rapper Drake allegedly support?
In the Premier League, who is the only player to have scored a hat trick of perfect hat tricks?
In what does Belgian Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet have a degree in?
In 2008, what prevented Robert Lewandowski from flying to England to complete a £3,000,000 move to Blackburn?
What is Cesc Fabregas afraid of?
Which Finnish football team has a particularly jazzy name?
El Prat International Airport is roughly 8.5 miles away from which stadium?
In 1979, who were the first english club to tour China?

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