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Forced Order
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Capitalize the first letter and names
An early Portuguese explorer
Portugal's most enthusiastic supporter of exploration
In 1497 he was a Portuguese explorer
Spain and Portugal signed in 1494
Richer and more powerful than England's version of this company
A non accurate gun
Told how far are you from the horizon (not Astrolabe)
Invented by Chinese. Told you a general direction
Changed sails shape to triangles
He travelled to conquer land for Portugal
First person to travel around the world. He died on the journy
Payment for another country in return for privileges
First Ming emperor
Hongwo's son
the place the Royal Court was moved to thank to Yonglo
He lead all of Yonglo's seven voyages
The first missionary to havve an impact
Capitalize the first letter and names
The KIND of people that started the Qing dynasty
He became emperor in 1661 and ruled for 60 years
It was required to be emperor. You needed to preform a 'miracle' to confirm you had it.
Kangxi's grandson
a fuedal lord withan army of samurai
He seized the imperial capital Kyoto in 1568
Nobunaga's best general
A japanese poem focusing on the number of syllables
The traditional Japanese theater. elaborate costumes
A honorable suicide for samurais only
The greatest haiku poet that died in 1694
Above the ronin in the fuedalism chart. They were soldiers that had loyalty and honer to their Daimyo
He completed the unification of Japan
This is Ieyasu's policy. It is that if you were a Daimyo you would spend a year living in the capital you would go home, but your family would stay at the capital
Where Ieyasu moved the capital to
This PERIOD really belived in agriculture

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