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 A bird that never gets wet in the rain
 Undead Zombie
 Can transform into an actual Bat
 Figured out Batmans secret identity/Obsessed with Batman
 Damian Waynes mother
 Anti-batman who aids criminals
 Broke Batman
 First known as The Red Hood
 Expert gymnast
 Specializes in mind control through the use of hats
 Heads or Tails?
 'ICE to see you'
 Childhood friend of bruce wayne/expert surgeon
 'The only thing to fear, is fear itself'
 Mother nature
 'Replacement Batman' appointed because Bruce was incapacitated
 Super genius/Inquisitor
 Killed bruce waynes parents
 Keeps track of all the victims he has killed
 Bathes in the Lazarus Pit
 Lives in the sewers of Gotham
 Batmans feline foe/friend
 Forced to wear a mask full time/Mob boss
 Bonus: Who killed Batman?

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