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When is Louis Tomlinson's birthday
When is Niall Horan's birthday
When is Harry Styles's birthday
When is Zayn Malik's birthday
When is Liam Payne's birthday
What is Louis's middle name
What is Niall's middle name
What is Harry's middle name
What is Zayn's middle name
What is Liam's middle name
Who doesn't have a sister
How many sisters does Louis have
What is Zayn scared of
What is Liam scared of
What is Louis scared of
What color are Liam's hair straighteners
How did Zayn originally spell his name
What does Niall love
Who doesn't have any tattoos
What is Niall's favorite restaurant
Where is Zayn from
Where is Louis from
Where is Harry from
Where is Liam from
Where is Niall from
Who is Irish
What does Zayn call himself
What is Louis's nickname
What is Harry's nickname
Who broke his nose
What kind of girl does Louis like
What color eyes do Liam like
Who has pet turtles
Who is the oldest
Who is the youngest
Who dies his hair
What Nickelodeon show was one direction on
What is Louis's stuffed pigeon's name
Who is Niall's crush
Who is Louis's girlfriend
What is Niall's nickname
What does Harry want to name his daughter
What would Liam be if he wasn't a singer
Who is the biggest belieber
What is Harry's worst habit
Who can beatbox
What is Harry's hidden talent
Who has only one kidney
What is Harry's favorite color
What is Louis's favorite color
What is Niall's favorite color
What is Zayn's favorite color
What is Liam's favorite color
Who is secretly a belieber
What is Liam's favorite justin bieber song
What is Harry's favorite clothing store
Who wrote the song Little Things
What color eyes does Niall like
What is One Direction's worst fear
What was their first music video
Who is the biggest jokester/prankster
What type of clothing does Louis not let the boys wear
Who was Harry's exgirlfriend
What tea did Louis serve in one of the video diaries
What animal does harry like
What is Zayn's catchphrase
What year was Louis born
What year was Liam born in
What year was Zayn born in
What year was Harry born in
What year was Niall born in
What are the bonus track songs on their Up All Night deluxe album
Who is the most carefree member
Which members used to live together
Who was One Direction's mentor on the xfactor
Who used to date rebecca ferguson
What place did One Direction come in on the xfactor
What is Louis and Harry's nickname
Zayn's pun name is amaZAYN. What is Louis's
What is Liam's
What is Harry's
What is Niall's
What is One Direction's favorite sport
Who has his ears pierced
What is Zayn's favorite food
How many songs were on the album Up All Night
What does Ed Sheeran call Harry
What does Harry call Ed Sheeran
Who is famous for his dimples
According to the video diaries, who does Louis want to be for a day
Why did he want to be Harry
According to Louis, why did the mushroom go to the party
Who wore braces most recently
What instrument does Louis play
What instrument does Niall play
What instrument does Zayn play
What instrument does Harry play
Who is the sensible one
What song does Liam get emotional singing
What religion is Zayn

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