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Can you name the One Direction Triva! how much do you know about 1D??

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Where was One Direction formed?About One Direction
How many members are there? I
Whos favorite color is dark red? l
Whos favorite color is blue? l
Whos favorite color is purple? l
Whos favorite color is pink?V
True or False? Louis lives with Harry?True or False
True or False? What makes you Beautiful was there first recorded song? l
True or False? Niall is the only one not from the UK? l
True or False? Liam said: Justin Bieber stole my hairstyle!V
Who is the oldest?Who is
Who is the youngest? l
Who is known 'Vain'? l
Who is Irish? l
Who has auditioned for the X Factor twice?V
No Jimmy Protested!Who said that
To much energy juice! l
I broke a pencil in half! l
Simple but effective. l
Head and Shoulders please! l
Nando's l
Vas HappeninV
Free Fallin'-John MeyerWhos favorite song
Fly Me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra l
Look After You- The Fray l
Thriller- Micheal Jackson l
Happy Birthday SongV
All Kinds Of foodWhos favorite food
Chocolate l
Chicken l
Cookie Dough l
Sweet CornV
Who is the host of Megamind?Who
Who came up with the band name? l
What is Nialls imaginary friends name? l
Who has the biggest biceps in the band?V
We could all get _.-Louis TomlinsonFill in the blank
_ doesnt give ya wings; it makes ya sick!-Niall Horan l
How _ behave in the kitchen.-Liam Payne l
Im tired and its_!-Harry Styles l
I like Girls who eat_.-Louis Tomlinson l
_ cats.-Harry Styles V
Who was in a band called the Rogue?Random
Who was there mentor on the X Factor? l
What is there record label? l
How many nipples does the group have total? l
How many kindneys does the group have total? l
Who has only one kidney? l
What is Harry's favorite candy? l
How many sugars does Liam like in his coffee? l
What is Zayn's favorite cookie? l
What is Niall's favorite restraunt? l
What is Louis's favorite vegtable? l
If Zayn was ice cream what flavor would he be? l
What is Niall's trademark saying? l
What does Louis like in his tea? l
In what stage of the X Factor did they get put together as a group? l
Who has Louis untill he finds that somebody special? l
Is Niall naturally blonde? l
How is Zayn's name originally spelled? l
Who has a phobia of spoons? l
Who cant swim? l
Where is Niall from? l
Where is Liam from? l
Where is Louis from? l
Where is Zayn from l
Where is Harry from? l
What is Zayn's nickname? l
What is Harry's nickname? l
Who is the biggest poser(as in modeling) acording to Louis? l
Who eats the most? l
Who had to retake the 12th grade?V
Which week did Louis say that he likes girls who eat carrots?Video Diaries (X Factor Only)
In the last video week who was on the excercise bike? l
Which week did Louis play the Superman Card? l
What week did Niall say 'where the four best friends!' l
Which week did they all where one-pieces? l
At the end of week 12s diary what did Lousi eat? l
Which week did harry get sick? l
In week 5 what did Louis come down with on his head? Hint:_____ lidV
Viva La VidaX Factor proformances( answer=week_)
Week 2 l
Week 10 l
Kids in America l
Week 9 l
Nobody knows l
Week 7 l
Something about the way you look l
Week 4 l
Summer of 69'V
Zain you cant be a Power Ranger because you cant swim, a drowning power ranger would be weird.Who said it
I think youve got a bit of a dandruff problem! l
Zayn just dirtied his clothes and is going to get in alot of trouble with our stylist. l
I would get rid of that pigieon! l
Hello is this the doctor? l
If I wasnt in the band i reckon id still be a virgin! l
Keep your eyes peeled and if we dont find the phone it will be lost forever! l
1,2,3, Salmon! l
Signing my first autograph was quite awkward because i didnt have one. l
And if you liked it dont come back! l
We love it when Harrys naked! l
Vas Happenin Celiene! l
HAHAHA Im Liam. l
Get out of my kitchen! l
NoNoNo I won YES! l
I NEVER admit defeat... Liam you win. l
(When you were 12 or 13 what did you want to be) A Criminal. l
Oh grandma, whats my name?! l
Were the four best friends! l
See Im not the Vainest l
That cause your cut(Niall) and Harrys a pervert. l
Untill i find the perfect girl, i have Louis! l
I rather be a boy and play with paper airplanes than be a man a play with a womens heart. l
I was a man before you were born. l
I love it! l
I had a dream were rats bit off all my toes. l
mum do you love the baby(yes of course i do) then why you eat it?! l
I theres nothing wrong if i eat all the time, at least im not doing something illegal. l
Remember even though your not plastic, you are fantastic1 l
I almost wasn't in the band!V

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