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QUIZ: Can you name the name my kpop bias?

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24klead vocal, ex maknae
4tenlead vocal, second youngest
9musesmaknae, main vocal
aoamaknae, rapper
astrooldest, main vocal
b1a4leader, oldest, lead vocal
b.a.plead vocal, 3rd youngest
be blossomonly vocalist
berrygoodmain vocal, maknae
bigbangmain vocal, 2nd youngest
bolbbalgan4main vocal
brave girlsmain vocal, oldest
btobleader, main vocal, oldest
bulldokmain rapper, maknae
clcvocal, rapper, maknae
day6 (BONUS)all of them!
diamain vocal
dreamcatchermain vocal
exomain vocal
fiestarmain rapper, maknae
f(x)main vocal, dancer
got7main vocal
gugudanmain vocal
high4rapper, maknae
honeystleader, bass
infinitemain vocal, 3rd oldest
ikonlead vocal, oldest
i.o.ivocal, dancer, maknae
knkleader, lead vocal
lovelyzlead vocal, 2nd youngest
madtownmain dancer, vocal
mamamooleader, main vocal
monsta xmain vocal
mynamemaknae, vocal
nctleader, rapper, dancer
oh my girlmain vocal
pentagonoldest, main vocal
pristinrapper, vocal, dancer, 2nd youngest
red velvetmain vocal
romeomain vocal, 3rd youngest
seventeenleader, rapper
sf9main rapper
shinee (BONUS)all of them!
snsdlead dancer, rapper, vocalist
super juniormain vocal, 2nd youngest
the ark (BONUS)all of them!
toppdoggrapper, maknae
twicemain rapper, dancer, vocalist
up10tionhigh tone rapper, dancer
victonmain dancer, vocal
vixxlead dancer, vocal, maknae
winneroldest, vocal
wjsnlead vocal, ex maknae

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