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Can you name the characters from the Mortal Instruments series?

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Forced Order
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HintCharacterFirst Appearance in...
Main characterCity of Bones
Main characters love interestCity of Bones
Sister of Alec and MaxCity of Bones
Eldest Lightwood childCity of Bones
Youngest Lightwood childCity of Ashes
Mother to the LightwoodsCity of Ashes
Father to the LightwoodsCity of Ashes
High Warlock of BrooklynCity of Bones
Daylighter, best friend of ClaryCity of Bones
Werewolf, Simons exCity of Ashes
Werewolf, Maia's boyfriendCity of Fallen Angels
Vampire who turned SimonCity of Bones
Ancient Vampire BaronessCity of Fallen Angels
Mother of ClaryCity of Bones
Father figure to Clary (Real name)City of Bones
Father of Clary, husband to JocelynCity of Bones
Brother of ClaryCity of Glass
Warlock, killed by ValentineCity of Glass
First inquisitor, Jace's grandmotherCity of Ashes
Cousin of Sebastian, lesbianCity of Glass
HintCharacterFirst Appearance in...
Jonathan impersonated himCity of Glass
Silent Brother (Z)City of Fallen Angels
Silent Brother (J)City of Bones
Silent Brother (E)City of Ashes
Iron Sister (M)City of Lost Souls
Iron Sister (C)City of Lost Souls
Iron Sister (D)City of Lost Souls
Lesbian, relationship with AlineCity of Lost Souls
Mother of AlineCity of Glass
Father of AlineCity of Glass
Mother of all demonsCity of Fallen Angels
Prince of hell, greater demonCity of Lost Souls
Posessed Madame DorotheaCity of Bones
Demon of fearCity of Ashes
Luke's third in commandCity of Bones
Luke's second in commandCity of Bones
Maia's ex, werewolfCity of Ashes
Warlock, works at Beth Israel hospitalCity of Fallen Angels
Warlock, friend of JocelynCity of Glass

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