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Facts of 1D!Answers:
Who feels alive when his naked?
Who does a really good kermit the frog impression?
Who came up with a pre-show ritual to eat a sweet before a concert?
Whose birthday was it that the rest of band threw 4 buckets of water over him?
Who held Harrys hand when he got a tattoo?
'.....' gets scared by the fans sometimes so the rest of the band huggle him. Who gets scared?
The best thing Zayn has brought was .....
Who always bites two parts of the twix bar at the same time because he doesnt want the other one to feel lonely?
Where will the boys spend valentines 2012?
Liam said if he was the only one to survive he would eat ... to save him aswell.
Facts of 1D!Answers:
Whilst filming Find the phone, '.......' accidently grabbed liams crotch? who was it?
Liam - on a scale of 1-10 i'm probaly a '.' when it comes to flirting, im quite shy.
Louis said he will never get his '...' what pierced?
If Niall sang a song to a fan what song would it be and what instrument would he play?
Who is Niall's dream valentine?
What accent do they all think is hot?
At a concert Louis dedicated one of his solo parts to a special someone, who was it?
'....' sometimes wears boxers 2 days in a row
Who would pose naked for 100 quid?
Zayn has 2 nicknames which are?

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