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Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard was born in Churchville, New York in what decade?
A.) 1830s B.) 1840s C.) 1850s
Willard was the first dean of women at what university? A.) Indiana University
B.) Northwestern University C.) Ohio University
From 1879 until her death, Willard lead what prohibitionist organization? A.) Anti-Saloon League B.) Prohibition Party C.) Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Who was Willard's long-term romantic partner? A.) Matilda Carse B.) Anna Adams Gordon
C.) Annie Wittenmeyer
What slogan did Willard coin to defend women's political participation using domestic terms? A.) Defend the Hearth and Cradle
B.) Fight For Pure Homes C.) Home Protection
What black activist confronted Willard in Great Britain with the charge that Willard condoned lynching? A.) Frederick Douglass B.) Mary Church Terrell C.) Ida B. Wells
What did Willard name her strategy of promoting prohibitionism by involving herself in a variety of reforms? A.) Do Everything
B.) Prohibition Everywhere C.) Temperance for All
In 1892, Willard chaired the national convention of what political party?
A.) Democratic B.) People's C.) Republican
Willard fought for suffrage rights for what group? A.) Disenfranchised felons B.) Native Americans C.) Women
Willard died at Rest Cottage in Evanston, Illinois in what decade? A.) 1890s B.) 1900s C.) 1910s

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