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Elizabeth Anne 'Betty' Bloomer was born in _____, Illinois on April 8th, 1918.
In her youth, Betty joined the troupe of a famous pioneer of modern dance, Martha _____.
Betty was married to William Warren from 1942-1947. In 1948, she wed _____ Ford.
In 1973, Betty became _____ Lady.
In 1974, Betty became _____ Lady.
In 1974, Betty was diagnosed with and treated for _____ cancer.
Betty advocated for the ratification of the proposed _____ _____ Amendment to the Constitution.
Betty made political waves by lauding the Supreme Court's descision in _____ v. Wade.
In 1978, Betty went public about her longtime addictions to pills and alcohol, and sought treatment. She went on to co-found the famous _____ _____ Center for addiction treatment.
Betty died in Rancho Mirage, _____ on July 8th, 2011. Fill in the state.

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