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Can you name the Simpsons?

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Who is the father/husband and main character of the Simpsons?
Who is the 10 year old boy who wears an orange shirt?
Who is the mother/wife of the Simpsons family?
Who is the smart, 8 year-old girl of the Simpsons family?
Who is the over 100 year old billionaire?
Who is the Simpsons next-door neighbor who's wife dies in season 11?
Who is the owner of the Kwik-E-Mart?
Who is the owner of Moe's Tavern?
Who is Bart's blue-haired best friend?
Who is Homer's best friend who loves drinking beer?
Who is Mr. Burns's assistant?
Who is the TV clown that Bart looks up to?
Who is Bart's teacher?
Who is Selma's twin sister?
Who sells Bart his comic books?
Who is Bart and Lisa's principal?
Who is the lazy policeman who likes to eat doughnuts?
Who is Homer's father(my favorite character)?
Who claims he is 31, though he looks old?
Who is one of Homer's best friends who has brown hair?
Who is the smartest boy in Bart's class?
Who is the Simpsons's dog?
Who is the mayor of Springfield?
Who is the news reporter for Eye On Springfield?
Who is the main actor on the Simpsons's TV from 1989 to 1998?
Who is the 4th grade bully?
Who is Lisa's teacher?
Who is the clueless son of Chief Wiggum?
Who is the Simpsons's doctor?
Who is the Scottish groundskeeper of Springfield Elementary?
Who is the priest the Simpsons go to?
What is Milhouse's mother's name?
What is Principal Skinner's mother's name?
Who is Homer's black-haired friend?
What is Reverend Lovejoy's wife's name?
Who is the accountant for the mafia?
What is Krusty's dad's name?
Who is Ned's son and Rod's brother?
Who is Krusty's sideshow for most of the Simpsons?
Who is Jimbo's friend with a white shirt and really short hair?
Who was Mr. Burns's fiance for a short period of time(her last name is Jailbird)?

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