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Lead singer of Slipknot
Band that sang Welcome To The Jungle
When was Childlike sung by Mushroomhead
When did the lead singer of AC-DC die
Why was Ozzy OsBourne kicked out of texas
Who sang Du Hast (German rock band)
Which guitar player died from Mushroomhead
Who sings War Pigs
What year was Mushroomhead formed
How many songs are on Slipknot's Iowa album
Was Slipkont's band formed before Mushroomhead
Is Lamb Of God an American band
What band plays in the background of Devil May Cry
When did Slipknot make its first appearance
Where did the leader singer of Lamb Of God get arrested in Russia
Is Corey Taylor married in 2017
Who is the leader of Mushroomhead
Why is Mushroomhead called a racist band
who bit the head of a dove off in a concert
How old is Corey Taylor

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