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first year toyota made a 4x4 truck
engine used from 1979 to 1980
toytota's new 2.4l engine that debuted in 1981
last year for solid front axle
first year for xtracabit was also the year of a new body style
first year for the 3.0l 3vz-e engine, on toyota pickup trucks
a.d.d stands for?
1st gen 4x4 trucks went from 1979 to what year?
first year for fuel injection
what year did toyota's new 22re engine debute?
the new 22re engine was only available on 4x4 trucks with _________ transmission in 1985?
name of the pre 1979 non-4x4 toyota trucks
toyota pickup's s.u.v brother
the _____ was on the same chassis, and had the same drivetrain as the toyota pikcup
because the 4runner was on the same chassis as the toyota pickup, and had more weight in the back, the rear end always tends to '___' due to the extra weight, and soft suspension
this replaced the solid front axle in 1986many people didnt like this new change
limited production turbocharged 22re engine
the 'c' on the 22re-c, stands for what?not catylitic converter, but yes, the 22re-c's did have catylitic converters
the 3vz and 22ret, both have the same '___ member'
the turbo, and 3vz 3rd member is identifiable by how many cooling fins?
the push-pull steering on the solid axle trucks was replace by what, on i.f.s trucks
first year toyota switched from round sealed beam headlights to square sealded beam headlightswasnt the change oif a body style
toyota's 'luxery' package/ trim for the 4x4 trucks
unlike the 3vz-e, toyota's 4 cylinder engine was mechanicly timed, what kind of timing assymbley?
it was common for toyotas 22re timing guides to break, causing the chain to wear a hole in the what?
what change caused the 22re timing chain to stretch more rapidly then the 22r timing chain
instead of the leaf spring used on pre-1986 trucks, when toyota switched to i.f.s in 1986, they relied on '______ ___' for their new front suspension
if you had a factory automatic transmission, you gear ratio was most likely?
1985 and previous trucks had interchancgeable '___ ______' on the drivelinethink gears
toyotas transfer case shift pattern is in the shape of what letter?

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