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Dynasty led by the Aisin Gioro clan
The First emperor of the Han Dynasty
The master strategist during the Three Kingdoms Dynasty
This man's poems is part of the 'Three Wonders' of China
This person succeeded Jiang Zemin and preceded Xi Jinping
Leader of the Shu state during the three kingdoms
This former province minister of Taiwan province is serving life sentence due to corruption charges
Leader of the Wu state during the three kingdoms period
This man was allegedly holding a blood clot when he was born
Liu Bei's 'brother', commonly depicted as wearing green
Mother of Guangxu who wanted to be like Wu Zetian
Leader of the Wei state during the three kingdoms period
The drug the British sold to China, also burned by Lin Zexu
This battle in the Three Kingdoms period saw the burning of Cao Cao's navy
The 'poet historian' in the Tang Dynasty
Wife of Chiang Kai Shek, related to Sun Yat Sen
This person was the premier during the time of Hu Jintao
The only dynasty to have no curfew
The dynasty that preceded the Tang Dynasty
This book is the second most sold book, after the Bible
This man stood in front of a tank in 1989
Father of Chiang Ching Kuo
Only female emperor
Leader of the 1911 revolution that studied in Hong Kong
Last Dynasty to be ruled by Chinese people
This emperor sealed in workers who built his tomb
Liu Bei's other 'brother', who was beheaded in his sleep
This woman's cousin, Yang Guozhong, was a chancellor to Emperor Xuanzong
The capital city during the Tang Dynasty
These people were servants in the palace and castrated

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