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Imperial Rome's gladiatorial shows
In the Hellenistic Era, medicine
Among the dangerous military innovations of Marius threatening the Republic, one finds he
The 'terrible third century' was made terrible by all of the following EXCEPT
Which of the following is Not true of Egyptian art?
The economy of ancient Egypt relied most heavily on
Which of the following statements concerning the Persian kings is false?
Which of the following statements concerning Zoroastrianism is false?
Alexander the Great's conquests in Asia occurred despite
Julius Caesar
The early values of Christianity, as exemplified in Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount',
The weakening of the Persian Empire was largely attributed to
What were the chief characteristics of the Greek Dark Age?
Nebuchadnezzar 2nd accomplished all of the following EXCEPT
The principal economic basis of Assyrian society was
The civilization of Minoan Crete
Mesopotamian religion was
Originally the Osiris Cult was reserved for
The Jews in the Hellenistic Era
Alexander invaded the Persian Empire
Which of the following statements in INCORRECT?
What was the significance of Scipio Africanus in the 2nd Punic War?
Which of the following is Not true of Egyptian social life?
The period immediately following the collapse of the Mycenaen Civilization is referred to as the
The Persian king who undertook an invasion of the Greek mainland in the early 5th century was
'The Epic of Gigamesh' teaches that
Which of the following statements does NOT apply to pre-Christian Roman religion?
Many scholars today
The Exodus in the Old Testament refers to
The basic unit of early mesopotamian civilization was the
By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar showed that he
The emperor who said, 'Live in harmony, make the soldiers rich, and don't give a damn for anything else' was
The sun god, who became a helper of Ahuramazda and later, in Roman times, the source of another religion was
Assyrian society was well known for its
The ancient city of Catal Huyuk was
The Sumerians
The only region to escape Cyrus the Great's invasion was
Among the upper classes of the Early Empire
Which of the following is true of Greece from the 8th Century B.C.
During the period of Greek history from 750-500 B.C.
All of the following are correct about Byblos EXCEPT
Tyranny in the Greek Polis arose as
The 'equites'
The cave in southern France, discovered in 1994 and that contains 300 paintings of animals, is known as the ____ cave
The Sumerian kings derived their authority from
Romans such as Sallust attributed the change of values in the Republic over time to
The central, sacred text of Zoroastrianism is the
Cambyses' greatest achievement as king of the Persian Empire was
Which of the following statements about warfare in ancient Greece is INCORRECT?
The greatest international sea traders of the ancient Near East were the

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