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Girl leaves family for the dangerous life, prone to getting injected by needles.
Giant tells orphan he has powers, orphan fends off crazy snake man.
Girl's mother is kidnapped by psycotic father, girl get's help from goth who turns out to be her brother
Third child in his family, boy is chosen to go and fight extra terrestrial beings he becomes the youngest cerial killer.
Lonely man travels around in box with random people wearing odd clothing items
Man recruits military doctor to help him solve fanatic crimes.
Band of misfits fight particular misfits's brother who wants to become a slave driver
Group of short men and others quest to destroy a powerful jewelry object
Cheerleader decides to fight mentally desturbed villains who scheme to rule the world
Girl is chosen in a lottery to go and kill people, she falls in love and watches him be brutally maimed.

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