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Can you name the Avatar the last airbender Characters A-Z?

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Forced Order
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receives a staff with a snack compartment
gets 'sick' of purpleizing tongue berries
likes shooting at apples on heads
has a son that enjoys tea too much
...of the water tribe
gets beaten by a young blind girl
animal is normal
puts his mind to the possibilities
gets his prize possessions smashed periodically
has three eyes
Dai...the most popular name in the fire nation
has two other 'brothers'
Toph vomited in his hat
owns a...just bear
engaged to Paku
loves onion banana juice
water daddy
from the water tribe, inn keeper
got sent to jail by an old man
not an animal, a man
council of five
loves pi cho
takes a vacation to lake laogii
HOPE! gives inspirational speaches
has several different faces
Aang's old firebending friend
fights with fans
old twins/hags
has one line, part of the freedom fighters
depressed/doesn't express herself
flying lemur
banished wife
helps a village, Katara in disguise
gran....! -quoted by Sokka
'You added a rainbow'
big man, tiny name
has an epic dragon
is mistaken for a boy
was dated second by the moon
circus freak
'Didn't know twinkle toes could dance'
knows a thousand things
moon spirit
KILLED the moon
talked to a frog

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