Roblox Blox Cards part 1

Can you name the blue cards in the game?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
Effect/StatsCard nameDescription
Set a target fighter's attack to 700Die. o3o
Gain 2500 lifepointsKnown as the livestream host for Roblox's 'The Next Level', Jack with his purple hair is the staple to any deck affiliated with its trait.
Lose 7500 lifepointsDon't put all your eggs in one basket.
Lock a target fighter for 3 turnsHe thinks colored icons are more important than neutral ones!
At the end of your turn, put a swarm in your handBeehive traps would even make Nerubians proud.
Lock a target fighter for 1 turn. Gain one blue icon.Jailing people for making bomb-clocks since 2015.
When this card attacks, put a random bee card in your handNOT THE BEES!!!
Target fighter loses 400 powerKorblox arrows are made of a powerful ore they mine. Check up with your GP for symptoms I feel you get shot by one.
Unlock all korblox members. Put a random korblox into your handHe's a regular attendee of the Beard Grooming Club. His next beard style will be the Fu Manchu.
Give a target fighter 250 power CHARGE FOWARD!
All korblox members gain 250 hpCHARGE NOWHERE! STAND GROUND!
Give a target fighter 1200 hp and lock it for 2 turnsSometimes you just pass out by eating too much food, especially pizza.
Lock a target fighter for 6 turnsIt's cute when it's trapped,isn't it? I mean, as cute as infected, rotting corpses can be.
All enemy fighters loses 100 powerEye spy with my giant floating eye, something about to die.
Set a target fighters stats to 500/500Hiding behind a wall with a paintball gun.
Summon a 425/425 card. This counts as a action cardWhat is the only word in the dictionary spelt incorrectly?
Give all police officers 250 power, but lock them for 1 turnProfessional fly swatting makes you some fair tix in ROBLOXia.
Summon two police officersHe'll uphold the tyrants, but without question.
When this card attacks, lock all enemy fighters for 1 turn and lock this card for 2 turnsThe cops of the frozen north have their own culture.
Stats:600/0Freeze in the name of this ice spell I'm about to cast! ...No, I'm not lawful.
Give all enemy fighters 100 power, then swap their statsA fan of toontown and dodgeball, Alexnewtron can literally script any fun game out of thin air.
Summon demonic god beasts until your board is fullHow is this card fair? I dunno.
When this card attacks, gain one yellow iconNOT THE BEE!!!
Lock him for two turns to CHARGE his strengthYou just dared him. Prepare for brown dairy.
This card can attack when summonedDaisy and her ninja star, that is all. She is also know as daisy1002
This card ain't generate iconsChop!
Whenever you gain life, add a kil script into your handHe shines bright in the 8-bit world with his laser gun! Pew!
Stats:300/500DeadZone seems nice enough...until his glove touches you.
When you summon this card, gain 1000 lifepointsA typical developer for ROBLOX, either for the fun of it or to secure finances.
Stats:550/350He renders snow meaningless.
Give a target fighter 250 power and lock them for one turn.He's just a guy who loves twin blades
Unlock all your fighters at the end of your turnSpark the eternal strife, and turn summer into the next year's snow.
At the end of your turn, draw a card and unlock all fightersThis robotic cat is basically the mascot of 'The Robiots'. Don't worry, you won't be in the darkness when you're with it.
When he attacks, lock that fighter for one turnHeads up!
Lock all your fighters for one turnHe's managing to keep you at bay, and he's not even wearing pants.
Lower the power of all enemy fighters by 100, then lower the power of all yellow fighters by 100NO FUN ALLOWED. >:(
When you target this fighter, and a random common card to your handPink fire is a lovely fire, too bad effects don't look so pink.
When your opponent casts a terrain or action card, draw and and a random red or blue card to your handBombs, Bombers, Guns, Waves, Gases, Cancer, Bacteria, etcetera
When this card dies, gain 200 lifeJust a friendly new player of ROBLOX.
Enemy fighters enter play unlockedPants are for weaklings. Trousers are used by the master race.
Lock a target fighter for one turn. Gain one red iconHe's not an imaginary friend, but his code name is for eared by operatives of a whole league of sectors.
When this card dies, spend a charge to revive itRainbow science helps me defy death!
Increase the attack and the health of a target fighter by 125He sure loves the summer heat while playing some basketball. Don't ruin his day or you'all be asking for it.
When your opponent gains life, unlock himHis love of rice sometimes goes out hand by filling his entire room of just rice, he'll store rice anywhere so he has plenty of rice to eat.
When you summon a fighter, both players gains 50 lifepointsOrdinary salesman trying to sell his wares.
When this card attacks, deal 50 damage to all enemies and cannot be counterattackedIf your samurai has been infected with these shocks, please refer it to your local veterinarian.
This card can attack when summonedNot related to Spyro the Dragon's companion(s).
Stats:500/600Unlike Peter Parker,he was born as a spider and a boy, none of that radioactive cheating!
When played, summon a copy. When it destroys a fighter, draw a cardFrom fan to murderer.
When this card attacks, add a random red or blue to your handThat aint falco! WER you at??
When you target her, enemy fighters lose 50 attackShe'll stop you in your tracks.
When you cast a action or terrain card, all enemy fighters lose 50 powerHere, have this potion. You're going to have a bad time, so why not lighten up?
Draw a card.He has no style, he has no grace
Gain a yellow icon at the end of your turnR15 Update might be scary for some, but this guy doesn't think that's the case.
Gain one blue icon and unlock all dragon cards at the end of your turnWhat makes the rift from the void?
When this attacks the oppenent, unlock all ninjas and give them 100 powerThey're known as the tempest for a reason.
Gain a blue icon and draw a cardYou're a kid now! Dark souls fill you with determination! Zhang He is love, Zhangis life! Storm Crow OP! Git Gus! End him rightly! Fractal anything is a viable deck! Jet fuel can't melt steel beams!
Effect/StatsCard nameDescription
Decrease the attack of a target fighter by 500Arrrrr. I wish I had some soda for my pirate dinner.
Summon two bees, then increase bee fighters by 100Bee keepers have the hardest job in the entire beeverse. But they're the most important.
Decrease a target fighters power by 150Bincent? More like WINcent! Because he'll win? Okay, I'm done...
Stats:200/800He will gently poke you.
Lock all non ninjas for one turnJust a ninja who is a fan of cows.
When you target this card, summon a body guardDr.Pavel, I'm CIA.
Stats:450/300Note: Cannot compute radio signals.
Stats:600/350Pah! Look at these newbs with their 1-drop FreezerFlames! Back in the olden days, only I could survive the wrath of Ignis Mage!
Add two nightmares to your opponents handThis card isn't even real.
Add a random blue or red action to your handHe caused destruction for the 5033rd time.
Whenever, you gain life, DominatedLegacy gains 150 healthExile at once!!
This fighter can attack when summonedAs opposed to hard cheese. How would one even make such a thing?
Increase the power of a fighter by 200He tests his blades on watermelon and walnuts. That's practically familiarize.
Stats:300/500Don't touch his bucket at all.
Stats:600/425Noob toys are his favorites.
Lock a fighter for two turnsAll frost mages befriend a toothy deer from birth. This teaches them not to give random animals frostbites.
When this card attacks, it gains 200 power. It can attack hen she summoned.An eye for an eye. A feather for a... Wait, human she don't have feathers. Well, that analogy just went nowhere...
Lock this fighter and another fighter for two turnsThe original suggestion of combining Doritos and MTN dew.
When you gain life, deal 200 damage to the opponent and this card gains 200 healthThe shadowmages are a long-lost sect of the Korblox ray, ousted and fled for practicing forbidden nature magic.
Gain one blue icon. Increase the health of all policemen by 250His secret identity is Mariofan103
Increase the health of a fighter by 50He was banished from banland on Blizzetta, but he came back as a fish merchant!?
Add a random blue or red action card. Cannot be counterattackedBlame blswx card engine limitation, Jaik.
Stats:600/600Spicy :^)
Unlock all police and give them 100 health and powerMy three main policies: Make sure aether wins war, make sure Roblox takes your cash, and fire all my employees.
This fighter can attack when summonedContrasted to DepressingTix
When it destroys a fighter, gain 300 lifeHovering skull doesn't scare you? Maybe my skill will.
Set your blue icons to 4. Lose other iconsSuave fellow who is certainly not so simple.
Add skullsten to your hand and increase skeleton attacks by 40Not many skulls have names. Sten is an exception.
Summon a froot ninjaSnow is such a ninja you wouldn't have been able to tell he counts as a ninja without reading this.
Cannot attackHe just likes to see the world frozen.
All allied fighters gain 500 health.I pity the manaicism that took over this heart.
Lock him for two turns to charge his strengthAlso, if you don't scream for two turns, his kamehameha is countered.
Draw a cardOne of the best blox cards fighters in the game! See him around!
Stats:300/600Just an average former nobody, nothing to see here.
Both players draw a card[InsertWittyFlavourTextHere]
Lock a fighter for two turns. Your opponent adds two nightmaresA nightmare of a choice.
This card can attack when summonedPretty wild. Pretty fast. Is it sonic?
Swap a fighters statsHis goods will make you dizzy.
Stats:1000/450He loves the ocean so much, he uses swordfish!
Deal 300 damage to all enemies and lock them for two turnsYou drown in the void of water... Yeah, roll with it.
At the end of your turn, all fighters lose 100 power and stats swappedThe goods are you tears. Your glorious, deep-fried tears.
Stats:600/600He's protecting his master with a clan of drones.
Can attack when summoned a and cannot be counter attackedHe's cyan. He's a dude. I'm unsure why you think otherwise.
Reduce the power of a target fighter by 300. This card cannot generate iconsLiving life on the speedway on my way.
Give a fighter 350 health.His rainbow colors make an eye candy appearance which is deadly!
Deal 500 damage to all fighters and draw two cardsIt's like the country club for hobos!
Swap a fighters stats and lock it for one turnI LIKE A DA DODGEBAWLS TOO!!1one!1
When this card attacks, deal 150 damage to all fightersRetired ROBLOX Community forum poster, if you upset him, he'll say 'knock it off' before your done for.
Add infinite frost to your handIn grand wizard school, he was head to head with grand ignis Mage in the classroom... destruction.
Must be in play for Faublousbench to summonIt's time to add some colour to this battlefield.
When it attacks, lock all enemy fighters for 1 turnHideaki is the master of disguise, you probably didn't even know this card existed until now!
It gets 75 health a target the end of each turn and reveal your opponents handWant some eggs? Oh wait, of course you do.
When you target him, it gains 100 attack and healthA popular forumer, he is known to sword fight in an excellent manner.
Lower the attack of a fighter by 500Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.
Lock all non-police for 1 turnThis cop doesn't use pepper spray, it prefers mowing you down with bullets instead.
At the end of your turn, unlock himUsed to make green decks cry. Now just makes everything cry.
When it dies, turn it into a korblox skeletonOne slash with his claws and you're done for.
Effect/StatsCard nameDescription
Target a fighter, draw a cardIf you come first in this race, I will give you a holy sword. Come third and I'll give you a toaster, though.
Lower a fighters attack by 200 and lock it for 1 turnCheck out Tiny Tanks by ArceusInator if you like fun games like this one!
Can be summoned if you control another titan.Cthulhu's cousin's cousin's cousin's. He's like, BASICALLY the reason he became popular.
When it destroys a fighter,draw two cardsNot to be confused with Egbert Mosasaur, or black holes.
Give all fighter stars 750 health and lock them for 1 turnReally gives me those 8-bit vibes.
Give a nightmare to your our own opponent. Increase nightmare fighters health by 500Gengar approved
Increase the attack of fighters by 1000, reduce its health by 750GWAAH!
Stats:2500/500Hire mercenary, endorsed by Icytea himself
Lower the attack enemy fighters by 200Just dark magic and a sword, nothing much you can do about it.
When it attacks, it gain some 200 health and you gain 200 lifeDue to the societal and economical collasp of World War 3, memes have become such a valuable commodity that smugglers will go any length to obtain them.
Set the attack of all fighters to 400Target acquired!
When you summon a fighter, draw a cardThe ultimate builder
When it attacks, set the stats to 650/650I'm a derpy derp and I'm here to blow your mind with MEMES!
Shuffle BlackSymphony into your deckI summon Dark Magician... Kinda!
Lock non-dragons for two turnsIt took an aeon for the Korblox to wake from the Indigo Slumber.
Stats:600/500The owner of Builder Brother's Pizza franchise is not only powerful in wealth but in skill too
Lock this card at the end of your turnsRenders wildfires meaningless!
When you cast a action or terrain spell, shuffle blue action and draw a cardKeep your enemies close and your competition closer. But what about frenemies?
Deal 250 damage to all non-KorbloxMinions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark. Obey the call of your mother, dinner is ready.
Lower the attack non-Korblox by 500Regardless of how threatening he looks. He just wants hug. But everyone he comes near dies, hence the nicknames.
When you target this card, give it 100 health and add a random blue or red action card to your hand handSometimes, Leet's arcane energy gives him unimaginable power. Other times, it just electrocutes his cat.
Add four mechanical spiders to your handHe makes gear. He is why plungers are more powerful than elegant, elvish swords
Summon a bee and increase bee fighter's health and power poeer by 50 at the end of your turnShe creates Bees to do the same thing she does every night. Try and take over the world!
Give a card 1000 health and lock it for 2 turnsIs a killer always heartless.
Non-blue fighters lose 200 power. Blue fighters gain 200 powerHow do people still not realize that this guy helped with Pokémon Brick Bronze?
When you cast a terrain or action spell, gain 200 lifeOnly 90's kids will remember this ROBLOXian.
Stats:1250/50Auctions OP Sakurai pls nerf.
Draw 3 cardsCreator of Arcane Adventuress. Hates the blood element
Stats:700/500Correct Horse Battery Staple works just fine too, you know.
Summon 3 sparksDear Dun_Goof: THINK THROUGH YOUR CARDS BEFORE YOU MAKE THEM. Signed: The rest of the dev team.
Return non-nightmares fighters to the owners handStops even light from escaping.
All fighters lose 800 powerSurvival is the game now.
N/AGrant a fallen ROBLOXian life again after being sent to the graveyard. We all have to have another chance, right? This might conflict some morals...
Deal 4000 damage to all fightersZap!
Give a fighter 1025 healthThe most potent potion to keep fighters alive.
Summon a ambamby and gain 2 white and one blue iconValk Helms do make you powerful.*cue the genetic sparkles*
When it dies, destroy all fighters.Hey guys! I brought a frost nuke to the new year's part-*Trips*
When it attacks, you gain 300 lifepointsDrTrayBlox, also know as Dan the Diamond Minecraft (DanTDM) on YouTube, he'll always strike diamonds even from his foes.
When you cast a terrain or action spell, add a random blue or red action to your handOne of the founders of Roblox. Ancient and wise.
Cast if you have Hamstermon in playMore fabulous than an inelegant robot!
At the end of each turn, it loses 800 healthMummy of Front Page Games in the past.
Lock all enemy fighters for 2 turns.Master of ice. Conquered of redcliff. Slayer of dragons. Dies to noob spray.
Lock a fighter for 6 turnsHe has a love for Pokémon, so much that he wanted to make Pokémon Brick Bronze. ALRIGHT END OF STORY.
Increase the health of all blue fish fighters the end of each turn.Owner of Trade. And has massive influence in the LMaD sub-forum. He'll keep pushing on and advertising his group until ROBLOX ends.
Lock a fighter foreverWhen one hears the battle cry over of Megalodon, the world goes quiet. Then nevermore.
Increase a fighters hp by 1000, the new return it to your handDon't hit his cake hat, or asking you'll be asking for it.
Lock a fighter for 3 turns and then deal 300 damage to itOne of the creators of Combat League, his sniper will take care of you.
Lock all yellow fighters for 2 turnsJust likes the show so much he's named it too.
Opponent fighters enter play loked for 2 turnsA few tiny tanks won't hurt anyone, right?
Add a skeleton armanda to your hand(INSERT SP00K MAY SAYS HERE)
Add beeism and gain 3 green icons.The Tea to the Bee. Also a huge NOOB.
Summon 3 bee fighters and increase the health and power of bee fighters by 250When we are dry. You think it is all over. No, it has only just beegun.
Stats:200/200Thematic Snake
Lock a fighter for 1 turnIt might seem like hypothermia, but in reality it's like getting knocked to the face by a dodgeball.

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