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Where Pirates roam, and skippers explore (area in magic Kingdom)A
This rocky roller coaster just so happens to be the wildest ride in the wilderness! (or at least in the Magic Kingdom)B
First debuted at the 1964 World's Fair, this nostalgic show now presides in TomorrowlandC
Race back in time as you try to rescue an iguanodon before the meteor shower hits, in this rideD
This iconic piece of head gear gives every guest the ability to like look Mickey, himself!E
Journey Into Imagination, as he turns the Imagination Institute upside down! F
Step into the movies themselves, in this classic ride at Disney's Hollywood StudiosG
'Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize' - with you! In this silly, spooky ride in the Magic KingdomH
A celebration of world cultures, this fireworks show 'illuminates' the Epcot skyI
The skippers, home to one of Disneyland's most popular rides, also got a home in Disney World (don't worry, the corny jokes stayed)J
Travel on an African safari in this expansive experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Just beware of poachers!)K
Home to 'The Hall of Presidents' and the 'Liberty Square Riverboat,' this land in the Magic Kingdom brings the nostalgic feeling of colonial America back for guests to experience!L
Your 'highway in the sky' that brings you to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and the TTCM
This pavilion in Epcot formerly housed 'Maelstrom' and the upcoming themed area based off of Disney's FrozenN
This short film in Hollywood Studios honors the life, successes and dreams of Walt DisneyO
Off to Neverland in this retelling of one of Disney most iconic filmsP
She will soon have her own meet and greet area in Epcot, as well as starring in her own ride alongside her sister Anna - 'Frozen Ever After'Q
Go from 0-60, as you race with Aerosmith to their concert in a stretch limousine (make it a super-stretch!) R
This dark ride in Tomorrowland flies across the stars, as you become an honorary astronaut for Starport!S
Watch out for this broken elevator, as it might take you into - The Twilight ZoneT
Residing in Fantasyland, this ride relives the events of Disney's 1989 animated feature starring Ariel and takes you into the story!U
This offer to seasoned park guests, allows people to be rewarded on their numerous vacations. (Newest editions include the Polynesian Bungalows and Bay Lake Tower)V
This nighttime spectacular lights up the Magic Kingdom sky, as fireworks shine across Cinderella's CastleW
This abominable legend lurks inside Animal Kingdom's Expedition EverestY
Hum along to this iconic tune as Bre'r Rabbit goes home to the Briar Patch in Splash MountainZ

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