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Can you name the Disney Characters with realistic descriptions (A-Z)?

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This thief spent his days stealing bread and hanging around with a responsive monkeyA
She loved to read all day long until a man turned into a monster locked her in his home, only to fall in love with this 'Beast' later onB
This pirate sailed to a mysterious island with anti-aging powers, with the intention of capturing childrenC
This genetically flawed elephant defied every law of science and discovered his ability to fly at circusD
She spent years locked up in her castle, as she tried to hide her powers from society (she really tried to not Let it Go, believe me)E
This orphan changed his name from Eugene and started a life of crime until he met a girl with freakishly long hair, that changed his dream.F
This self righteous man wooed every girl in town, yet he went after the one who was not interested in him ('my what a guy')G
This strong man tried to find his way, so he decided to fight crime in order to become and true hero and rejoin his fatherH
He is a messenger bird that goes across Agrabah looking for certain people to report to his master JafarI
He acts as a conscience for a living puppet, and eventually helps him to become a real boyJ
This emperor didn't care at all about the well being of his people, so his royal adviser tried to dethrone him by turning him into a llamaK
After her parents died, she was put under the sole care of her older sister. After child services threaten to take her away, she befriends a 'dog'L
Walt Disney said it best: 'it all started with a Mouse.'M
She was best friends with her king's son, until he ran away. They eventually meet up again and feel the love that nightN
He is obsessed with summer even though he has a condition where he will die if he is exposed to heatO
This inanimate puppet received the ability to live from the Blue Fairy, and eventually became a real boy despite his lack of skin, organs, etc.P
A disfigured bell tower employee, he spent his days ridiculed based off of his looksQ
This lost princess grew up locked in a tower away from civilization as she healed her 'mother' and made her younger whenever she sang a certain songR
His uncle convinced him that he was the cause of his father's death until he returned and killed that same uncleS
This waitress from New Orleans wants to open up her own restaurant to make her (and her deceased father's) dreams come trueT
This octopus stole voices from other poor sea creaturesU
A race car driver inside of a video game, she befriends a bad guy in another one as she deals with her medical problem of 'glitching'V
This 'silly old bear' was obsessed with honey, and always focused on ending his hungerW
She tried to steal the throne from her ruler, so she committed treason by turning him into a llamaY
This paranoid bird was Mufasa's adviser, and his worries eventually came true as their whole kingdom fell apart once he took his eye off of the King's sonZ

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