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Center of Ancient Western World
Strait of Gibraltar
Iberian Peninsula
Sierra Morena and Sierra Nevada
Climate Types of Spain and Portugal
Agriculture of Spain and Portugal
Capital of Spain
2nd Largest City in Spain
Capital of Portugal
Province of Rome
711 Moors invaded who?
How Many Years Did the Moors Rule for?
Who Defeated Spain in 1492?
In what Centuries were Spain and Portugal the Most Powerful Nations?
How Many Regions in Spain Have Been Granted Autonomy?
Important Land Forms in Italy
Climate of Po River
Climate of Po Valley
What Year was Rome a Thriving City?
How Far did Rome's Empire Stretch?
In What Century Did Rome Collapse?
Where Did the Renaissance Begin?
When Did Italy Finally Become a Unified Nation?
What is the Breadbasket of Italy
What do the Alps Provide Italy w/?
Capital of Italy
Location of Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii
Geography of Greece
Important Geographical Landmarks of Greece
Greece Economic Geography
Most Developed Country in Ancient Western World
Government, Art, Philosophy, and Science were Developed Here
Birthplace of Democracyq
Greece Had a Parliamentary Republic Since When
What Peninsula forms S. Greece
Southern Greece
First Olympic Games Held in S. Greece When?
What Two Countries Are in a Dispute Over the Isle of Cyprus
Capital of Greece
Parthenon is Suffering From What?
Flattest Area of Greece
France Climate
Agriculture of France
Capital of France
primate city of France

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