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QUIZ: Can you name the Nippon Ichi characters??

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Dual-weilding gunslinger
Busty beauty
Trumpet Playing Adventurer
Failed Angel
Baton Beating Beauty
Ice Cold Witch
Has a pet dragon
Nasty old witch
Bad-ass Overlord
God of Destruction
Phantom Hero
37th Defender of Earth
Busty Assistant
Wise-cracking Robot
Dark Adonis
38th Defender of Earth
Do not throw
Adorable Chroma
Self proclaimed Beauty Queen
Annoying Sister
Whiny Brother
Loyal servant
Legendary Recurring Overlord
Honor Student
Hero Fanboy
The Prince
Greedy Pig
Red Scarfed Hero
Dark Hero
Ruthless Military Woman
Cold-blooded Princess
Demon Hunter
World Eater Commander
Silent Heroine/Hero
Forgetful Sepp
Colorful Justice

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