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What did the development of larger industrial plants and the expansion of government services create?
Who invented the light bulb?
Who invented the illumination by electric lights?
Who invented the telephone?
Who created the first radio waves?
What was the name for the new wave of more heavy industrialization starting around the 1860s?
What are a combination of independent commercial enterprises that work together to control prices and limit competition?
These are what pieceworkers were doing and where they did it at.
What did the British government attempt to enforce that would give the authorities the right to examine prostitutes for venereal disease?
Which two men led the German Social Democratic Party (SPD)?
What party was socialist, supported Marxist rhetoric, competed in elections for Reichstag (German Parliament), and worked to enact legislation for working class?
Who was the leader of French Socialism?
What was the name of the day on May 1st that was made an international Labor Day?
Socialist doctrine that rejected Marx's emphasis on class struggle & revolution, and argued instead that workers should work via political parties to bring about gradual change is:
Who wrote 'Evolutionary Socialism'?
What was the political theory that holds that all governments and existing social institutions are unnecessary and advocates a society based on voluntary cooperation?
Who believed small groups of well-trained, fanatical revolutionaries could perpetrate so much violence that the state and all its institutions would disintegrate?
What prohibited construction of buildings in Britain without running water and an external drainage system?
Who built model dwellings and inhabited 3500 dwellings?
Who believed that the construction of model dwellings renting at a reasonable price would force other private landlords to elevate their housing standards?
Who/What advocated the construction of new towns separated from each other by open country that would provide recreational areas, fresh air, and sense of community?
Who were the members of wealthy elite (factory owners)?
These people were paid servants, and mostly women.
What poem was written to describe the women's position as much more than just working at them home and being inferior to men; wanted to be equal to men?
The Evening News (1881) and Daily Mail (1896) were known as this in the United States?
Who was a British pioneer of mass tourism, responsible for organizing a railroad trip to temperance gatherings in 1841?
What was one of the first organized sports, and had a rule book & officials to enforce them? This became extremely organized to allow maximum entertainment.
What gave the vote to all men who paid regular rents or taxes; largely enfranchised agricultural workers? (William Gladstone)
What is this: National Assembly wanted a monarch but they couldn't figure out who so they set up a constitution that made a republican government and a bicameral legislature.
What was the independent republican government that the radical republicans formed in Paris?
Who was a popular military officer who attracted the public attention of all those discontented with the Third Republic?
What was Bismarck's attack on the Catholic Church called?
Who/What passed laws on social welfare to get people away from socialism?
Who was the new emperor/czar after Bismarck and was eager to make his own policies?
What was used to try and solve the issues of nationalities in Hungary?
Who said that reform was a bad thing and created a secret police? He persecuted advocates of constitutional monarchy and social reform groups and revolutionary groups.
Who adopted his father's ideas that the absolute power of the tsars should be preserved?
What was banning the use of all languages except Russian in schools?
What was a distinct time of recreation and fun?
What places used new transportation to take people to amusement parks outside of the cities, and had Ferris Wheels and other entertainments together?
Who were the lower or working class who used new transportation to visit the amusement parks and stayed for only a weekend or so?
What was an engine fired by gas and air, which was really used as a source of transportation after liquid fuels were developed?
Who invented the light engine?
Who revolutionized the car industry with the mass production of the Model T cars?
Who made the first fixed-wing plane powered by a gasoline engine?
What was a type of work in the factories that does not required skilled workers?
Who was a wealthy lady who was an example of a wealthy American heiress?
Who founded/what was Europe's first birth control clinic?
What was trying to toughen boys up by focusing on national military concerns and character building?
What were a form of mass leisure that spread to lower classes?
What was when Britain finally gave the Irish the power to self rule but the protestants and Catholics couldn't get along enough so it caused more problems?
Spanish lost this war and became even more vulnerable.
Spain was forced to give ____ and ____ to the Americans after they lost the Spanish-American War.
What was elected in Germany on the basis of universal male suffrage but didn't have ministerial responsibility?

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