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covet flail hammer arm slack off
fury swipes screech lick synchronise
trump card bite double-edge tackle
endeavor assurance pursuit pin missle
psychic stomp power swap crunch
brick break horn attack tackle reversal
dragon breath hyper voice outrage dragon rush
leaf storm air slash whirlwind synthesis
petal dance stun spore giga drain synthesis
bug buzz sweet scent gust bug bite
fury swipes punishment ice shard quick attack
dual chop swords dance dragon claw outrage
sucker punch focus energy quick attack super fang
swift hyper fang quick attack endure
baton pass crunch psych up low kick
agility quick attack wild charge thunder wave
extarasensory pound growth torment
superpower stone edge rock throw dynamic punch
swift hydro pump bubblebeam camoflage
signal beam supersonic bubblebeam spark

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