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Something I don't do often. This action is selling goods in another country at very low prices.
Hint: the bank is _______ One. This is an official document that gives certain rights to an individual or group.
Nickname Old Hickory
A dude with a long name, he was a Mexican priest who led a revolt. He was caught and killed, but might have inspired Mexico's victorious revolution in 1821.
6th president
another guy with a long name, often called the liberator
9th president
Part of art
Question Answer
8th president
This guy was the 5th president, who created a doctrine.
Quitters gonna quit, but I quit quitting. This word means to give up.
Young Congressman from South Carolina who became big on states' rights
This is a large meeting of party delegates to choose candidates for office.
Named after a dictionary
What is the act of replacing government officials with supporters of a newly elected President? (smells like bailey, expired and a system)

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