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Who spoke for the West supporting transportation of goods?
Who was the 5th president of the U.S.?
9th president of the U.S.?
This man was often called the liberator because he helped many countries rebel against Spain.
Leader of the Cherokees who created a written alphabet for their language
What is selling goods in another country below market prices?
To give up.
What is the right to vote?
What is a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company?
What is an action by a state that cancels a federal law to which the states object?
What country suggested a joint statement with the U.S.?
What was the 20 year period after Andrew Jackson became president called?
What became a new political party in 1836, which opposed Andrew Jackson?
Which state threatened to secede from the Union because of High Tariffs?
How long was the 2nd Bank of the United States' Charter?

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