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Can you name the evil being?

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This man can be very tall, have many limbs and is known for abduction and mass murder. He also has his own style of transportation similar to teleportation.
This man is perhaps the oldest horrific being, known for hiding under the bed and in the closet.
This lord of Transylvania is known for his wanting of the sweet nectar in your veins.
This creature is known for hiding under bridges.
This creature is known for howling at the moon, and being under a curse.
This man is known for his hockey mask and his machete.
This man is known for coming into your dreams and killing you. He also has blades on his hands like the Marvel hero Wolverine.
This man is known for wearing his mask of a person that resembles a painting, which is also is his name.
This being is known for being the guide to the after life and for his scythe.
This plant from Little Shop of Horrors is known for eating humans.
This creature is known for being unable to find, and some say he doesn't even exist. He is a known for his giant feet and size.
This creature is known for living on snowy mountains and killing others. It's funny because all throughout the winter, we build creatures like him.
Finally, there is devil who is known to be the first angel God sent to Hell.

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