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Excuse me, I don't know my way around ____ _____I can't say I ever recall that happening before, a book just fallin' off the shelf like that.
We got in a fight about your cookbook so I ______ him.You gotta problem with my cookbook?
Kaye, what an ______ ___ ______ surprise.You just know how make a girl get all gooey inside.
Don't do that with the liquor, Russ. It's so... _____ _____Haney's behind the whole thing!
There was only one assassination attempt on me. You had ____Two! The woman in Phoenix didn't count!
Oh, yeah, I'm about to share my coffee with the ________ _____ _____No dice. You could spit in a petri dish and start a whole new civilization.
The Republican comes up with a plan while the Democrat just _____ wanders in the woods.Just flag them down!
The minute you're out of office they don't care enough about you to kill you anymore. People are _______We wish you wouldn't do that sir, you put yourself at great risk.
I could do that. But right now, my attitude is, they didn't vote for me, let 'em ______.I wrote the book because frankly I don't know what else to do.
I'm not ashamed to say it, I've ____ with both those guys. My fellow Americans....
You been down to that farmer's market lately? It's _____As long as you're in my car, you're produce.
Did _____ foxtrot with a freakin' panda?I could check, sir.
Take a night off. Go rent '___ ___ _____ ____ _____' again.We'd really like to know how you got out of that bathroom stall without us seeing.
You've obviously got a great knack for it Mrs Douglas?
When I appointed General ______ ______ to the Joint ChiefsI knew he was a man with a dream.
We both know you want another crack at that ____ ______.They wouldn't back be again, they wouldn't.
I'm sorry about that, sir. We're _______At least you can admit it.
There's _______ _______ ________. He kilt him a bear when he was only three.Lincoln's mixed up with Washington. Roosevelt, with Davy Crockett.
Would you like a Hyundai or a ______?Miss Airhead at your service.
I don't want to wear this I'm a _______ ____Hey, a hat!
What's wrong, _____? I don't think you can help much, Dorothy.
Looks like Tanner's been getting his orders from ______.To get to Haney you must go through Tanner, who'll kill you.
___ isn't here to help me pick it up.So move!
I'm just showing you ________ how you got elected.Money! That's for you.
We know where you are at all times sir. That's our _________.No need to fear, it's only me. The twisted psycho.

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