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Can you name the random facts about sart?

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Club Baseball Position
High School
High School Mascot
Mario Party/Kart Character
Foster's nickname for him
Brother's name
Sister's name
Mother's name
Father's name
Girlfriend's name
Son's name
Roommate 1
Roommate 2
Roommate 3
Appartment Number
Kuhlman Dorm Number
Birth Month
Favorite 2009 Christmas Present
Favorite item to wear to church
Favorite Shorts to wear to bed
2009/10 Favorite bedtime shirt
Class he lost a head to head battle vs tos
_______start Dansart is a nickname
Likes to overflow his ____ plate in the caf
Favorite Item from the grill in the caf
Favorite part of PRC
Pernounces milk like _____
twitter username
Tendency in basketball
hit a HR against this team for XUCB
08-09 favorite song

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