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can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shootin stars?
btw::if theres a you in the answere its you! not u and same with are are! not r (:  
how bout a round of applause a standing ovation?
actin all crazy like its her birthdayy((:?
turn it up mash it up it aint the end of the world(:?
just gonna stand there and watch me cry ?
cuz ur bringin me and then ur kickin me out again!?
it's like s-s-o-l-o?
but if i had u that would be the only thing i ever need?
her eyes make it look like the stars aint shinin?
take it off everybody take it off rite now ?
i am in misery there aint nobody who can comfort me?
cuz ur love your love your love is my drug!!?
i throw my hands up in the air sometimes sayin ayo gotta let go?
i want you to love like im a hott guy?
sober girls around me theyd be actin like they drunk?
i remeber years ago someone told me i should take caution when it comes to love ?
cant even hang out with friends without you blowin up my phone?
you i know how to make stop and stare ?
hey soul sister ?

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