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Forced Order
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nutus, us (m)
amentum, i (n)
sicut, sicuti
laetitia, ae (f)
falx, falcis (f)
asper, aspera, asperum
ferveo, ēre, ferbui
antecursor, oris (m)
caespes, itis (m)
fumus, i (m)
ullus, a, um
cruciatus, us (m)
lapis, idis (m)
certamen, inis (n)
idoneus, a, um
neco, are, avi, atus
iaculum, i (n)
testudo, inis (f)
torreo, ēre, ui, tostus
scala, ae (f)
coorior, iri, ortus
adigo, ere, egi, actus
interitus, us (m)
sagulum, i (n)
diiudico, are, avi, atus
fusilis, fusilis, fusile
fossa, ae (f)
scutum, i (n)
constipo, are, avi, atus
percutio, ere, cuti, cussus
exhaurio, ire, hausi, haustus

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