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Do you know the similarities and differences between Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini?

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What is toatalitarianism?
What political movement did Mussolini start duringWWI?
What idea encouraged Hitler to have expansionist policies in the expense of other nations?
Stalin was part of this faction of Communists before rising to power
What was Mussolini's troops known as?
This dictator wrote Mein Kampf
What was the general trend of education during Stalin's reign?
What are the two main problems that allowed Hitler to rise to power?
What was one of Hitler's policies that was not used by Stalin and Mussolini?
This was the economic plan that Stalin utilized
What party was Hitler in? (give short and long name)
This was the fascist slogan regarding women
What did Hitler utilize well to gain the support of the German mass?
Mussolini appealed to this working class the most
the bulk of Russia's economy came from this
Out of the three dictators, Stalin did this to his industries most often
This organization aimed to educate the young to be good fascists

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