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Can you name the Active NHL Players From Ontario, Canada?

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Anaheim DucksToronto,ON
Anaheim DucksPeterborough,ON
Anaheim DucksOrangeville,ON
Anaheim DucksGrimsby,ON
Anaheim DucksWindsor,ON
Anaheim DucksBrantford,ON
Arizona CoyotesMt. Brydges,ON
Arizona CoyotesToronto,ON
Arizona CoyotesBurlington,ON
Arizona CoyotesFergus,ON
Arizona CoyotesBelleville,ON
Arizona CoyotesKingston,ON
Boston BruinsWindsor,ON
Boston BruinsThornhill,ON
Boston BruinsOttawa,ON
Boston BruinsSault Ste. Marie,ON
Buffalo SabresLondon,ON
Buffalo SabresNorth York,ON
Buffalo SabresClinton,ON
Calgary FlamesHolland Landing,ON
Calgary FlamesToronto,ON
Calgary FlamesBrampton,ON
Calgary FlamesMississauga,ON
Calgary FlamesChatham,ON
Calgary FlamesToronto,ON
Calgary FlamesToronto,ON
Calgary FlamesKitchener,ON
Calgary FlamesNewmarket,ON
Carolina HurricanesBowmanville,ON
Carolina HurricanesKingston,ON
Carolina HurricanesFergus,ON
Carolina HurricanesToronto,ON
Carolina HurricanesThunder Bay,ON
Carolina HurricanesAurora,ON
Chicago BlackhawksToronto,ON
Chicago BlackhawksLively,ON
Chicago BlackhawksStrathroy,ON
Colorado AvalancheHaliburton,ON
Colorado AvalancheOakville,ON
Colorado AvalancheMississauga,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsBurlington,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsToronto,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsLondon,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsDorchester,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsKingston,ON
Columbus Blue JacketsKitchener,ON
Dallas StarsOrangeville,ON
Dallas StarsBrampton,ON
Dallas StarsAjax,ON
Dallas StarsToronto,ON
Dallas StarsToronto,ON
Detroit Red WingsLondon,ON
Detroit Red WingsOakville,ON
Detroit Red WingsSt. Catharines,ON
Detroit Red WingsMississauga,ON
Edmonton OilersPickering,ON
Edmonton OilersWindsor,ON
Edmonton OilersRichmond Hill,ON
Edmonton OilersAlfred,ON
Edmonton OilersHamilton,ON
Edmonton OilersCaledonia,ON
Florida PanthersSudbury,ON
Florida PanthersCampbellville,ON
Florida PanthersToronto,ON
Florida PanthersOshawa,ON
Florida PanthersWindsor,ON
Florida PanthersOttawa,ON
LA KingsPickering,ON
LA KingsLondon,ON
LA KingsAyr,ON
LA KingsGarden River, First Nations,ON
LA KingsKitchener,ON
LA KingsScarborough,ON
LA KingsLondon,ON
LA KingsWoodstock,ON
Minnesota WildThunder Bay,ON
Minnesota WildToronto,ON
Minnesota WildOttawa,ON
Montreal CanadiensOttawa,ON
Montreal CanadiensBelleville,ON
Montreal CanadiensStrathory,ON
Nashville PredatorsPeterborough,ON
Nashville PredatorsWhitby,ON
Nashville PredatorsToronto,ON
Nashville PredatorsHamilton,ON
Nashville Predators Toronto,ON
New Jersey DevilsToronto.ON
New Jersey DevilsToronto,ON
New Jersey DevilsBrantford,ON
New Jersey DevilsOttawa,ON
New Jersey DevilsScarborough,ON
New Jersey DevilsKingsville,ON
New York IslandersBowmanville,ON
New York IslandersToronto,ON
New York IslandersWelland,ON
New York IslandersBelleville,ON
New York IslandersMississauga,ON
New York IslandersMississauga,ON
New York IslandersCarp,ON
New York RangersBrampton,ON
New York RangersToronto,ON
New York RangersWindsor,ON
New York RangersWelland,ON
New York RangersKitchener,ON
New York RangersMimico,ON
New York RangersThunder Bay,ON
Ottawa SenatorsToronton,ON
Ottawa SenatorsKitchener,ON
Ottawa SenatorsToronto,ON
Ottawa SenatorsFlesherton,ON
Ottawa SenatorsOttawa,ON
Ottawa SenatorsThunder Bay,ON
Ottawa SenatorsOttawa,ON
Ottawa SeantorsOttawa,ON
Ottawa SenatorsHamilton,ON
Ottawa SenatorsOttawa,ON
Ottawa SenatorsSault Ste. Marie,ON
Philadelphia FlyersBelleville,ON
Philadelphia FlyersHearst,ON
Philadelphia FlyersLondon,ON
Philadelphia FlyersIlderton,ON
Philadelphia FlyersScarborough,ON
Philadelphia FlyersStouffville,ON
Philadelphia FlyersOakville,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsBarrie,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsOakville,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsToronto,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsToronto,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsSudbury,ON
Pittsburgh PenguinsThunder Bay,ON
San Jose SharksGuelph,ON
San Jose SharksGuelph,ON
San Jose SharksLondon,ON
San Jose SharksKeswick,ON
San Jose SharksNorth York,ON
San Jose SharksBarrie,ON
San Jose SharksLondon,ON
St. Louis BluesMississauga,ON
St. Louis BluesThunder Bay,ON
St. Louis BluesKing City,ON
St. Louis BluesThunder Bay,ON
Tampa Bay LightningSt. Thomas, ON
Tampa Bay LightningMarkham,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsToronto,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsToronto,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsLondon,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsInnisfil,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsMarkham,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsWindsor,ON
Toronto Maple LeafsLondon,ON
Vancouver CanucksToronto,ON
Vancouver CanucksSudbury,ON
Vancouver CanucksLondon,ON
Vancouver CanucksOttawa,ON
Vancouver CanucksBrockville,ON
Vancouver CanucksToronto,ON
Washington CapitalsCobourg,ON
Washington CapitalsToronto,ON
Washington CapitalsToronto,ON
Washington CapitalsThunder Bay,ON
Winnipeg JetsMississauga,ON
Winnipeg JetsKitchener,ON
Winnipeg JetsToronto,ON
Winnipeg JetsSault Ste. Marie,ON
Winnipeg JetsHamilton,ON
Winnipeg JetsRichmond Hill,ON
Winnipeg JetsBarrie,ON

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