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Fryan Coblebay's lover, engaged to the king
Aristocrat, King Zachary's cousin (last name)
The first Green Rider
Karigans friend from Selium, a minstrel
Green Rider, heir to D'yer clan
High King of Sacoridia
Main character
The Kings forester
Caretaker of the tombs underneath Sacor city
New lord of Mirwell, Karigan's enemy at Selium
One of the Berry sisters
One of the Berry sisters
Exiled Weapon who captured Karigan in Green Rider, female
Whip-yielding captain, Karigan saw him in the telescope
Karigan's mother
Cargo Master of clan G'ladheon
Karigan's father
Death god
A tomb guard latered assigned to the king (starts with a 'W')
Exiled Weapon who capture Karigan in Green Rider, male
A reacurring Mirwellian soldier who worked under Immerez in Green Rider
The old governor of Mirwell, AKA 'Old Mirwell'
One of the kings counselors
Eletian who first helps Karigan in Green Rider after she is attacked by a monster in the Green Cloak
Eagle that helps Karigan kill the monster in the Green Cloak
Most commonly mentioned Weapon, Zachary's personal guard, good friend of Karigans
Traitor, old Castellan to the King
Lieutenant of the Green Riders, was Joy Overway's lover
killed by a black arrow in his back
The most commonly mentioned of King Zachary's terriers
Mercenary who meets up with Jendara and Torne
Dean of Selium
Zachary's brother
Zachary's father
Green Rider, a spy in Mirwell province
The amazing captain of the Green Riders
Green Rider with telepathic powers, female, killed by Shawdell
Mapstone's adopted daughter, a Green Foot
#1 Enemy from 1000 years ago... THE BLACK
King Zachary's herald
Name of Joy's horse
Mirwellian soldier, was with Immerez and Thursgad
A legendary figure, pictured as a male in Rhovanny and a female in Sacoridia
'The Gray One' eletian enemy
Peace-making king of old, first Hillander king
Beryls brother, used as an example of punishment by Mirwell
Name of Beryl's horse
Name of Captain Mapstone's horse
Moon god
Sun goddess
'The Horse'
Counselor to Zachary, killed by Jendara
Father of the Berry sisters
Green Rider, starts with an 'E'
Ruler before Zachary, his grandmother
Main servant at the Seven Chimneys
Leader of the 'Anti-Monarchy Society' (first appears in the North)
Name of Ereal's horse, fastest horse
Name of Mara's horse
Rider Ty's first horse (wounded by Groundmites)
Alton's horse
Dale Littlepage's horse (originally Patrici's)
Garth's horse
'Rider Perfect'
Karigans apprentice of sorts in The High Kings Tomb, Green Rider
Arms master of Sacor City
guy from Rhovanny, goes on a date with Karigan to a museum
Lady Estora's father
Green Rider (starts with a 'Y')
Green Rider, loves practical jokes
Also loves practical jokes, spends time with Alton in D'yer after an injury
Not an illusion, not a ghost. A 'Magical Projection'. Guardian of the Tower of the Heavens
Altons cousin, 'deceased'
Green Rider, starts with a 'G'
Karigan's ancestor
Knitting can kill
Captain of the bottled pirates
Name of Amberhill's horse
A bottled pirate
The Golden Guardian
Traitor to Second Empire, is killed with a hat....
Grandmother's silent assistant
Mornhavon's first name
Sacor castle's mender
Mender's apprentice turned Green Rider (though he's afraid of horses...)
Calls Karigan 'sir'
Woman who lives at the Golden Rudder
Inkeeper of the Golden Rudder
gardener at the Golden Rudder
Another woman at the Golden Rudder (starts with an 'R')
When all else fails, follow the...
Exiled the magicians and wrote a book
Westrion's horse
Man who breeds the horses used by the Green Riders
Damian's wife
One of Damians sons
Damians other son
A female Weapon who accompanys Karigan into the tombs in The High Kings Tomb
Guardian of the Tower of the Ice. He watches the cat.
Guardian of the Tower of Rains
Guardian of the Tower of Clouds
Guardian of the Tower of Rivers
Guardian of the Tower of Valleys
Guardian of the Tower of Summits
Guardian of the Tower of Earth

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