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Can you name the Greek god by epithet?

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Epithet (translation)
Agoraios (commercial)
Calliste (fairest)
Daphnia (of the laurel tree)
Genetyllis (capable of reproduction)
Argeiphontes (argus-slayer)
Hippius (guide of the horses)
Hippia (guide of the horses)
Enagonios (guide of the athletics)
Pallas (youthful)
Kallipygos (of the beautiful buttocks)
Pelagios (patron of the open sea)
Bromios (noisy)
Delphinios (from Delphi)
Lochia (patron of pregnant women)
Phoebos (bright)
Cypria (from Cyprus)
Genethlios (creator of life)
Ergane (worker)
Philios (guard of friendship)
Aighiochos (Lord of Thunderstorms)
Chera (widow)
Epithet (translation)
Polios (guardian of the city)
Polieus (patron of the city)
Lyceus (guide of the wolves)
Polytechnes (of many skills)
Caryatis (of the walnut tree)
Nike (bringer of victory)
Orkeios (patron of the oath)
Polydectes (acceptor of many)
Hymnia (of the songs/hymns)
Alexikakos (keeping away the bad)
Soter (saviour)
Presveira (oldest)
Cytherea (from the Greek island of Cythera)
Anadyomene (arising)
Potnia Theron (mistress of the animals)
Areia (war-like)
Anemotis (protector of the winds)
Promachos (leader of the battle)
Enualios (resembling war)
Kourotrophos (upbringer of young children)
Teleia (perfect)
Psychopmpos (guide to the underworld)
Epithet (translation)
Cynthia (of Mount Cynthus in Delos, Greece)
Urania (heavenly)
Xenius (hospitable)
Basileus (king)
Charidotes (giver of charm)
Chloe (green)
Uranios (heavenly)
Ephesian (from Ephesus)
Delphinus (associated to the dolphins)
Mousagetes (leader of the Muses)
Nomios (of the flocks)
Epikourios (helping)
Urios (master of the winds)
Erkeios (defender of the house)
Eriounios (luck bringer)
Hypsistos (highest)
Gamelia (patroness of marriage)
Soteira (saviour)
Georgos (farmer)
Leukolenos (white-armed)

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