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German philosopher with ideas about ethics. 'Dare to Know!'
the capacity of humans to make sense of things and to establish and verify facts
Written by Fontenelle. Explains the heliocentric model of the universe
He was skeptical of human knowledge and he was also a fideist, believing that logic and faith are separate
Written by James Cook explaining his journeys to Hawaii, Antarctica, and Australia
Locke’s theory that you are born a blank slate with no knowledge
written by John Locke. Contains the theory of being born with a blank state of mind
Intellectuals of the enlightenment, who were not always philosophers
Written by Montesquieu, asks for a constitutional system of government and separation of powers, slavery to end, to preserve civil liberties and the law, and also that the politica
Voltaire's work referring to how royalty and the clergy abuse the people
A belief that proof of god’s existence is unnecessary because the universe itself is proof. God created the universe with universal laws to govern it
Denis Diderot's work that contained information on mechanical arts and Enlightenment ideas
David Hume's work that expanded the understanding of aspects of human nature
Supporter of skepticism, objects do not exist, only their features do
an 18th century group of economists, from France, who believed that agriculture was the source of all wealth and that agricultural products should be highly priced
an economist from France, who is well-known for publishing Tableau économique, which had the foundations of the ideas of the physiocrats.
Adam Smith's work that reflects economics of the early industrial revolution, free market economies are ideal
'Let the people do what they want', government should not inervene
Human perfectibility is indefinite and humans should live moral lives not governed by a God or thoughts of the afterlife
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's work concerning an unwritten contract between the people and the government
Rousseau's work basically stating that women only need to know how to raise children and care for men
Says that all women need to become more educated
Known as the founder of feminism, believed that women deserve equal rights with men
Wollstonecraft points out two contradictions in the views of women held by some enlightenment thinkers. She believes that women have reason so they are entitled to rights men have
Both were gathering places for exchanging ideas during the enlightenment era
A wealthy bourgeois widow who held salons in her home.
A society that included philosophes who would gather to discuss ideas
graceful, gentile, natural, secular style of painting
Rococo artist who reflected the happy life of the upper class with an element of underlying sadness
great Baroque-Rococo architect
Art style recapturing dignity and simplicity of the classical styles
French Neoclassical artist, artwork was serious with honor and patriotism
regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time
composer, best known for religious music
Austrian composer who is known as father of the symphony
Child prodigy who became a famous composer
Samuel Richardson's novel about a servant girl
Written by Tom Fielding. Novel about adventures of a young boy
Written by Edward Gibbons. Shows popular dislike of Christianity during time period
A magazine to instruct and entertain
printed in each town, and public libraries
a school in Germany that offered a more modern education to prepare boys for careers
Italian philosophe. Objected to capitol punishments and favored imprisonment
a celebration leading up to Lent
cheap alcohol in England taverns. Increased consumption led to restrictions.
brochures sold to lower classes containing spiritual and secular information
recognized Catholocism's public practice, but allowed protestants to practice in private.
a major group of Jews who were still not given toleration
response to a desire for a deeper connection with God
Founder of Methodism. Thought all could be forgiven by experiencing God and opening doors to his grace

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