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2013Religion Berry
The people chosen by Yahweh
Messiah translates to
An angel is also known as a
These were priestly aristocrats who were often times corrupt and looked after the temple
These people were part of a Jewish Sect and accused Jesus of blasphemy
The temple was destroyed in
means 'separated one'
group that believed a big, catastrophic event would happen before the unveiling of God's kingdom
This Jewish Sect wanted to overthrow Roman Rule through a revolutionary movement
Sealots built a fortress where?
These people who worked for the Romans were often times cheaters
'the people of the land'
nations of those not circumcised
True or false: in harsh conditions, women could divorce their husbands
This special category of gentiles were fully Jewish converts
What are the four criteria for studying the historical Jesus?
2013Religion Berry
What type of biblical criticism is the study of the style of writing in the gospels and how the different literary units took their shape?
What is a common source of saying about Jesus used exclusively by Matthew and Luke?
Which sense of the scripture refers to what the words of the scripture actually mean?
Which sense of the scripture refers to how the texts, realities, and events in the Bible can be signs?
What type of biblical criticism tries to determine what source(s) were used to compose the work of New Testament writers?
What are the most similar gospels called? (Matthew, Mark, and Luke)
Which gospel was probably written first?
Which gospel was written for a Gentile-Christian audience?
Which gospel was written for a Jewish-Christian audience?
Which type of biblical criticism focuses on how the Evangelists cited their works?
Which type of biblical criticism compares the minor changes and mistakes made by the copyists made down through the centuries?
Who wrote his gospel for various churches around the Roman Empire?
What is St. Jerome’s translation of the Bible into Latin called?
What translation of the Bible do English-speaking Catholics use in Mass?

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