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A) The highest grossing movie ever
B) The triangle that is said to be mysterious
C) Won an Academy Award for his role in ' Leaving Las Vegas'
D) A failure to serve inside the lines twice in a row
E) Plane crashed here in 1948
F) Discovered Penicillin
G) Spanish for ' Thankyou '
H) Four times World Snooker Champion
I) First word of the Holy Bible
J) Country devastated by the Kobe Earthquake of 1995
K) Last President to be assassinated
L) Popular British Sports Drink
M) North-Eastern US State
N) In Greek mythology, the God of Victory
O) Telecommunications Company
P) Country which is home to one of the *new* seven wonders of the world
Q) Rock band that sang ' We will Rock You'
R) Popular female singer
S) Capital of Sweden
T) American fast food chain
U) 2009 Computer generated 3D Movie
V) Chemical element with the symbol 'V'
W) British business that closed in 2009
X) Musical Instrument
Y) Colour flag which means no overtaking
Z) This animal had its name given for a crossing

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