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Can you name the highest points of every country in North America?

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CountryHighest pointHeight
Anguilla65 m (213 ft)
Antigua and Barbuda402 m (1,319 ft)
Aruba188 m (617 ft)
Bahamas63 m (207 ft)
Barbados340 m (1,115 ft)
Belize1,124 m (3,688 ft)
Bermuda79 m (259 ft)
Bonaire240 m (787 ft)
British Virgin Islands523 m (1,716 ft)
Canada5,959 m (19,551 ft)
Cayman Islands43 m (141 ft)
Costa Rica3,820 m (12,533 ft)
Cuba1,974 m (6,476 ft)
Curaçao372 m (1,220 ft)
Dominica1,447 m (4,747 ft)
Dominican Republic3,098 m (10,164 ft)
El Salvador2,730 m (8,957 ft)
Greenland3,694 m (12,119 ft)
Grenada840 m (2,756 ft)
Guadeloupe1,467 m (4,813 ft)
Guatemala4,220 m (13,845 ft)
Haiti2,680 m (8,793 ft)
CountryHighest pointHeight
Honduras2,870 m (9,416 ft)
Jamaica2,256 m (7,402 ft)
Martinique1,397 m (4,583 ft)
Mexico5,636 m (18,491 ft)
Montserrat915 m (3,002 ft)
Nicaragua2,107 m (6,913 ft)
Panama3,474 m (11,398 ft)
Puerto Rico1,338 m (4,390 ft)
Saba877 m (2,877 ft)
St. Barthélemy286 m (938 ft)
St. Kitts and Nevis1,156 m (3,792 ft)
St. Lucia950 m (3,117 ft)
St. Martin424 m (1,391 ft)
St. Pierre and Miquelon240 m (787 ft)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines1,234 m (4,049 ft)
Sint Maarten361 m (1,185 ft)
Sint Eustatius601 m (1,972 ft)
Trinidad and Tobago940 m (3,084 ft)
Turks and Caicos Islands48 m (157 ft)
United States6,194 m (20,320 ft)
U.S. Virgin Islands473 m (1,552 ft)

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