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What does Mrs Hayward do when coming out of Auntie Dees while they boys are spying on her?
What is Stephen's and Keith's hideout called?
Who discovered their hideout?
What substance does barbara get on her hands?
Complete the quote 'A pair of - '
Who does Keith and Stephen think Keith's mother is?
What happens to Stepehn when he spends the entire day finding out nothing?
Finish the quote: 'Another little game your barmy pal's - '
Why is Stephen distracted at school?
What subject does Stephen struggle with that he confuses with spying?
Who is Geoff?
What is the main symbol that is connected with spying?
Where do they think Keith's mother is going in to vanish?
Complete the quote ' This is because I once asked my Mother what a - was'
Complete the quote ' Or a kind of - machine'

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