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Forced Order
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What was said?Who said it?Which interview?
Who said, don't ever accidentally rape
Who said, you're going for the hagrid look I get it!!
Who said, If they could go back in time they would drown me in the bath
Who said, psst if you could lick yourself you would
Who said, that was my America
Who said, i'm the punisher, I punish people
Who said, I **** hate my dad
Who said, NO like a real god damn train
Who said, Like shoving a hot dog down a hallway
Who said, I play the 4 strings
Who said, Bloodymary!!
Who said, I really really like that hat
Who said, This is my trident
Who said, Spell tree
What was said?Who said it?Which interview?
Who said, Wipe it up and use it as lube
Who said, Hey MA, Hey cleatis
Who said, DROOMS
Who said, that time you were screwing that bird in your bunk
Who said, I just beat myself up when I find something funny
Who said, no i have a giant urethra
Who said,Stop it your embarrassing me
Who said, i'm drunk, you're drunk, lets ****
Who said, looks like a childs done it
Who said,should I fix it?
Who said, I like your vest today
Who said, Who's cocks being mean to my mother
Who said, lets just get naked
Who said, James screams when he's having sex

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