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What city was Saul born in?
Who sentenced Jesus to death on account of blasphemy (jewish high priest)?
Who is the Supreme Council of the Jews?
What were the two things that separated Jews from the rest of society?
What pharisee instructed Saul?
Did Paul write all the letters in his name?
How did Paul die?
Who took a chance on Paul?
What was a Gentile who worshiped God but was not circumcised?
What does Eucharist mean?
What is it called when someone sweats blood?
What were early Christians called?
Who was given the keys to the kingdom of heaven?
What does 'kephas' mean?
Who was the first Roman convert to Christianity?
Who is the first Christian martyr?
Which saint was grilled to death?
In what city were Paul and Barnabus thought of as gods?
What is the Birthday of the Church?
Who is the apostle who led the Jerusalem community?
What is an apologist? someone who ______ the faith
Which prophet predicted a famine?
Which group did not believe in the resurrection?
What does catholic mean?
Where was Paul going when he was stricken with the Holy Spirit?

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