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I wanna dance right now
Hello, OK, I’m on my way
Never, ever stop falling in love
Dance dance dance till we run this town
Put your hands up if you feel like this
My fashion is my passion
Loving you baby
DJ Put it back on
Let me introduce myself!
Sing my song for you
Everybody take it to the shining star
Only heaven knows
You’re the gin inside my tonic
Everyday you’re in my heart
One mistake, got a one regret
I’m so fast
Mysterious love in the night
I like you just the way you are, you set me free
Through the rain there’s a brighter day
This Must Be What Crazy Feels Like
What about us? What about Love?
It’s time to pay the price
Boy, I see you walking by everyday
We’re on the right track
You better run run run run run
Please oh, make my wish come true
Nothing left to lose
My angel & my girl, my sunshine
Take my chance on you
Girl please let him know
Ain’t gonna fool me twice
I’m gonna say it one more time
Life is a party
I want you boy, give it to me
Do you wanna be my lover?
You better keep this a secret
You cover my heart
Ladies, it is time for liftoff
I’m your peach
The clouds are smiling
Take you to the real story
We are lookin’ for love all the time
The hope is love
Come into my territory
My love is making me so special

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