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It has a sea named after it?
Were the islands formed from plate tectonics?
One of the islands were hit bad by a Hurricane in 2004
One of the islands is slightly smaller than Conneticut
An island is 150 km south of Key West
This island is the largest in the Caribbeans
The main sea lanes for the Panama Canal
This island has four volcanos and only two are active?
One of the best deepwater harbors in the Caribbeans
Contains the largest freshwater body in Central America
The smallest Central American country and no coastline of the Caribbean Sea
The country with a French and Dutch Territory
Shares the island Hispaniola with Haiti
Administration of the islands of the Grenadines group is divided between Saint Vincent and Grenada
There national anthem is 'God Save the Queen'
There is a triangle where ships disappear
The island is in the shape of a ball and a bat
Its an important location between Cuba and Central America
An island of mostly exposed rock
Key shipping in the Panama Canal

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