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Forced Order
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Geography- Capitol of Australia?
Music- Deep Purple Guitarist?
History- English Monarch who began the English Civil War?
Mythology- Greek Goddess of Fertility ?
Sports- AL East Toronto Baseball Team?
Television- Last Name of Arrested Development Family?
Geography- Country on the Left of Brazil?
Music- Metallica Drummer?
History- Name of the Secret Routes made by 19 Century Slaves in America?
Mythology- Egyptian Sun God?
Sports- First Baseball Pitcher to have a Perfect Game?
Television- Sheldon,from the Big Bang Theory, last name?
Geography- Smallest U.S State?
Music- Original Singer of Mr. Lonely?
History- Year the Titanic Sank?
Mythology- Supreme Chinese God?
Sports- Soccer Team who won the UEFA Champions League in 2009-10?
Television- Ted,from How I Met Your Mother, College Girlfriend's Name?
Geography- Largest Island?
Music- No Doubt Vocalist?
History- Who Won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921?
Mythology- Greek Messenger God?
Sports- Only Man to Ever Score 100 Points in a single NBA Game?
Television- Host of American Idol?
RANDOM- NBA Player who Acts in Airplane!?
RANDOM- Famous Rock Band from Cambridge?
RANDOM- Highest Grossing Movie of All Time?
RANDOM- The T.V Show that stars both Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer?
RANDOM- The Name of New York before it was Called New York?
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