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One of the most famous winter sports games that isn't SSX.
A subgenre of strategy games revolving around exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating.
Point and click game based off a famous mystery novel. Included a new character named Patrick Narracott as the playable character.
One of the most famous historical real-time strategy game series that isn't Civilization.
A 'Breakout clone' for the Game Boy.
2D action-adventure game where you play as a fish-woman with amnesia.
Rhythm game themed around 'fab' 60s rock group, installment in larger series.
First person shooter with survival horror elements. Takes place in a dystopian underwater city.
First installment in a popular first person shooter series to be set in a modern environment.
Installment to a popular action-adventure game series, introduced a 'Tactical Soul' system.
SNES role-playing game by Square. Kid wakes up, goes to a fair, does some time traveling, and saves existence.
Pretty indie puzzle game. Alter weather patterns in the dream world of a sick kid in bed to solve puzzles.
Action-adventure game based on a famous barbarian written about by Robert E. Howard.
Open-world third-person shooter game. Most people only bought it because it came with a free Halo 3 demo.
Arcade-style driving series. Get passengers from A to B quickly while performing ridiculous stunts.
Puzzle-platfomer for the PSP. Guy with insomnia uses device to explore his mind and find out why he can't sleep.
Capcom action game. White-haired pretty boy with a sword fights demons in a over the top fashion.
Famous mod for Warcraft III, based off a Starcraft map.
One of the precursors to the platforming genre. Mario first starred in this game.
Installment in an action role-playing game series from Bethesda, set on the island of Vvardenfell.
Real-time strategy game covering five eras, starting with the exploits of Richard the Lionhearted and ending with D-Day.
GameCube installment of Nintendo's popular futuristic racing series. Coupled with a arcade game counterpart.
Popular series of role-playing games made by Square Enix. Franchise name gets more ridiculous with each new game.
Spinoff of the above series. Is a tactical role-playing game rather than the more traditional format of the main series.
Flight simulator by Looking Glass Studios. Meant to compete with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Indie video game/interactive art. Play as a microscopic creature, move up and down through planes, and try to evolve.
Video game website currently owned by CBS Interactive. Focus on game information and walkthroughs, but also has a large message board.
Third-person shooter with real-time strategy elements. Play as either a Meccaryn, Sea Reaper, or the titular race.
Japanese role-playing game. Main characters channel Psyenergy and summon Djinn to try and save the world from alchemy.
LucasArts adventure game. 'The Epic Tale of Crime and Corruption in the Land of the Dead'.
Popular rhythm game by Harmonix. Push colored buttons and pretend to be a rock star.
First-person shooter starring Gordon Freeman. Proof that Valve can't count to three.
First-person shooter game by Bungie. Manly space marines in power suits fight aliens.
Minimalist PlayStation 2 game. Boy with horns tries to save princess from shadows sent by her evil mother.
Pseudo-3D rail-shooter game for the Game Boy Advance. Similar to Star Fox.
Action puzzle game. Roll up everything so your creepy dad can make stars out of it.
The Suda51 game about assassins that isn't No More Heroes.
Square Enix series that's supposed to be a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, but the original characters have pretty much overshadowed everything else.
Action-adventure game about a vampire named Raziel. Sequel to a game called Blood Omen.
Installment in a popular action-adventure series by Nintendo. Villain tries to moon Termina, reset time a bunch to stop it.
Entry in the same series as above. Considered by many to be the best game of all time.
Entry in the same series as above. Sail on the pretty ocean and wave around a wand.
Action-adventure game by Traveler's Tales. Play through A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi as little brick people.
Indie puzzle-platformer art game. Everything is black and white, try to find your sister!
Real-time strategy game based off the works of J.R.R. Tolkein. Focused on the War in the North.
Square Enix game series made up mainly of action role-playing games. Was once a Final Fantasy spinoff until it distanced itself from the series.
Arcade platform game by Atari. Guide a ball through a set of racecourses within a time limit.
Jumpy plumber and blue hedgehog compete at a international sporting event held every two years. Weird.
Main character of the Halo series. Many people seem to not be aware it's also an actual rank in the U.S. Navy.
Installment in a popular stealth video game series by Hideo Kojima. Currently the oldest game in the series's internal chronology.
Installment in a popular action-adventure game series by Nintendo. Adds elements from a first-person shooter this time around to fit the conversion to 3D.
Racing game by Angel Studios. Noted for its 'unprecended degree of freedom to drive around in a virtual city'.
One of the most famous video game glitches. Appears on certain coastline in Pokémon Red and Blue under certain conditions.
Deep graphical adventure game. Explore an empty island and read books. Helped popularize the CD-ROM format.
Konami adventure-platformer for the Nintendo 64. Play as a diminutive shinobi with blue hair. Known for its surreal humor.
Castlevania-inspired game by Tecmo. Possibly better known for its mega-hard Xbox revival.
Zelda-inspired game by Capcom. Play as a wolfish sun god in a watercolor-like environment.
First person adventure game by Bungie for Macintosh computers. A Special Forces solider fights in a pyramid and tries to stop an evil god.
Popular Rareware first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64 that isn't Goldeneye 007.
Role-playing game based off a setting in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Help a blue guy die.
God game by Bullfrog Productions. Infamous for increasing the real-time strategy elements.
First-person puzzle game. Computer tells woman to shoot holes in things, then jump in a fire.
Capcom survival horror game. Leon and Claire fight zombies in Raccoon City.
Real-time strategy game that also has shooter elements letting you play as a single unit. Control the armies of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.
Real-time strategy game with wizards by Shiny Entertainment. Notable for putting a lesser emphasis on resource management than is typical for the genre.
LucasArts graphical adventure game starring a dog and bunn-- er, 'lagomorth'. Sequel to first game titled Hit the Road.
PlayStation 2 adventure game by Team Ico. Only 16 enemies in the whole game, and beating them is all there is to do. Better than it sounds.
GameCube spinoff of Sega's Sonic series, starring the series's dark antihero.
Installment in popular survival horror series by Konami. Takes place in the town of South Ashfield rather than the series's titular city.
Game based off popular animated series by Matt Groening. One of the most successful Grand Theft Auto parodies.
Taito arcade game where a green tank fights white alien...things. Programming quirk causes enemies to speed up as they were defeated.
Last game in a popular platforming franchise by its original developer Insomniac Games before they moved on to Ratchet and Clank.
Real-time strategy game by Blizzard that is popular in South Korea. Play as Terrans, the Protoss, or the Zerg.
Nintendo 64 space shooter based on the popular space opera by George Lucas. Fight the Empire as the titular group led by Luke Skywalker.
Role-playing video game made in RPG Maker 2000 by Danny Ledonne. Would probably be fairly unremarkable if it wasn't based of a famous school shooting in Littleton, Colorado.
3D platforming game featuring Nintendo's mascot character. Chances are, if you've played a non-first person 3D game, it's taken something from this game.
Indie platfomer where you play as a hunk of bloody flesh. Difficult gameplay based of perfect control of split-second wall-jumps.
16-bit video game console released as part of the fourth generation of video games. Titles include The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country, and F-Zero.
Nintendo crossover fighting game for the Wii. First game in the series to include third-party characters.
First-person action-adventure game by Looking Glass Technologies. Inspired Deus Ex and BioShock.
Telltale adventure game starring Guybrush Threepwood, released almost a decade after his last game.
Crossover fighting game between popular Japanese animation studio and large video game developer.
Tactical first-person shooter by Looking Glass Technologies. Play as a space warrior colonizing a distant star system after a totalitarian government took over Earth.
Action video game with roguelike elements. Play as an odd pair of alien rappers that try to collect pieces of their wrecked spacecraft and return home.
Nintendo 64 first person shooter based of an Acclaim comic series. Native American warrior fights dinosaurs with futuristic weapons.
The first first-person role-playing game set in a 3D environment. Spinoff of a popular role-playing game set in Britannia.
Somewhat lesser known role-playing game by Square. Unique in that there are no shops, and indeed little to no interaction with friendly characters.
Point-and-click adventure game that is a loose adaptation of From the Earth to the Moon, with elements from other similar stories.
Nintendo video game console released as part of the seventh generation. Helped to popularize motion gaming.
Launch game for the above, meant to show off the motion controls. Play tennis, bowling, etc. as a user-created avatar.
Despite the name, actually the fourth game released in this futuristic racing series. Like F-Zero, but with weapons.
Nintendo DS role-playing game by Square Enix. Neku plays the Reaper's Game to decide his fate in the afterlife.

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