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Can you name the common Zelda enemies?

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Weak little dinosaurs that protect themselves with giant metal masks.
Gosh darn bats. Don't try using fire around them.
Indestructible spiked obstacles that either follow a set path or are motion-activated.
Flying plant enemies. Demoted to mere Clawshot targets in some recent games.
Burrowing sandworms that generally have weak tails. Sometimes enlarged and promoted to boss status.
Moving cacti (?) that tend to near-endlessly burrow out of the ground in desert climates.
Skeleton warriors. In some recent games, they've developed the annoying habit of reforming when killed.
One-eyed statues that rotate and fire lasers.
Giant fire-breathing lizards sometimes used as a boss monster. Dislikes smoke.
Living statues, generally only come to life when touched.
Wizard enemies that teleport around and shoot magic beams. Totally not Black Mages from Final Fantasy.
Infamous shield-eaters. Apparently have much akin with world leaders.
Snake like enemies that charge fast when they spot you.
Four-legged arachnids that like to jump around. The blue ones sometimes walk on water.
Resilient mummy-like creatures. Usually weak to fire or light.
Tentacled enemy that spits rocks. Generally appear on land in 2D games and in the water in 3D games.
Gelatinous monsters. In some 3D games, they leave behind jelly that can be made into/used as potions.
Flaming skulls. Touching one sometimes renders you unable to attack for a time.
Water demons with an annoying energy attack. Share the same name of a more friendly aquatic race.
Ghosts that often appear when you touch a headstone. Not to be confused with Poes.
Giant spiders that drop from the ceiling on strands of web to block passages.
Giant armored warriors (or are they just living armor?) known to be hard to beat. Sometimes Iron Knuckles appear instead.
Giant floating hands. If they get you, it's back to the start of the dungeon for you.
Pig-like monsters somewhat similar to Ganon himself in visage.
Sentient hostile flowers. Counting their Boko varients, they have appeared in every 3D console game so far.

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