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Who helps plan the broad outlines of the campaign?
Who makes sure that the media shows a candidate in the best light?
someone who already holds the office for which he or she is running and has a very big chance of winning again is called?
How many electors are in the electoral college?
How many votes does a candidate need?
Who was the first incumbent president to lose re-election?
How many more popular votes did Al Gore recieve in the 2000 presidential election?
Who finds out which issues the voters think are important?
What is the voting age in the United States?
Each state has the same number of electors as it has?
How many electoral votes does Michigan have?
What is the minimal amount of electoral votes need to win the election?
How much money is allowed for a person to donate to a campaign?
How much money is the PAC allowed to give in a presidential primary?
Which state has the most electoral votes?
What is the amount of money a candidate must report for review?
How is the electoral college figured for each state?
What does most of a candidates money come from?
What is the minimum amount of electoral votes that a state can have?(you must put a space after your answer.)
How much on average does a senate seat cost?

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