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What role does Chris Colfer play in glee?Easy
What role did he audition for?Easy
What song did he get to sing in the first season of glee that he wasn't allowed to in high school as it was typically sung by a girl?Easy
What Musical spoof did he write and direct in high school?Easy
When is Chris Colfer's birthday? (date/month/year)Easy
Where did he grow up? Easy
What is his favourite store?Easy
What is the term for Chris Colfer's vocal range?Easy
Which actress does he want to play his grandma on glee?Easy
What book that he wrote is due to come out later this year? (2012)Easy
What film did he write and star in?Easy
The name of Ninja weapons he can do tricks with.Easy
What is Chris Colfer's favourite drink?Easy
What is his favourite colour?Easy
What major award has he won?Easy
Who plays his onscreen boyfriend in Glee?Easy
What is the name of Chris Colfer's cat?Easy
What would Chris Colfer have called his cat if it didn't already have a name?Medium
What is Chris Colfer's Sister called?Medium
What is Chris Colfer's middle name?Medium
What song did he audition with?Medium
What role does he feel that his is destined to be due to their resemblance?Medium
On which side of his neck does he have a scar from a surgical procedure he had done in 1998? Medium
What is Chris Colfer's star sign?Medium
What type of alcohol inspires his Royal conspiracy theories?Medium
What is Chris Colfer's Hogwarts house?Medium
What did he do when he met Lady gaga?Medium
What month did Chris Colfer get the role of Kurt?Medium
What was his favourite movie as a child?Medium
What type of music will he never sing due to childhood experiences?Medium
Who did he order a life size poster of in his sleep?Medium
What was Chris Colfer credited as in Marmaduke?Medium
He currently owns what make of phone?Medium
He says his hair is...Medium
During high school, Chris worked at the school cafeteria as a...Hard
In 2007 Chris Colfer lost how many pounds due to horrible methods called diet and exercise?Hard
What is the name of the fictional magazine that he imagines his character off glee to be editing in the future?Hard
What is his foot size?Hard
What ''cologne'' does Chris colfer wear which is actually meant for women?Hard
What does he recommend thinking of if you want to make yourself cry?Hard

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