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Monasticims encourage what three things?
Who escaped slavery in Ireland and returned to Britain?
Who made a double monastery in Kildare?
What are the two types of monasticism?
Who was the supervisor, spiritual father, and administrator of a monastic community?
What does 'monos' mean?
What was the uniform code of law that Justinian set up?
movement of men and women away from the world to pursue holiness
What was St. Benedict's motto?
Who uses his considerable knowledge and education to defend the faith?
What church did Justinian rebuilt for Christian worship?in Constantinople
Whose conversion is responsible for the conversion of the English?
Where was monasticism mainly founded in the beginning of it?
Who, other than St. Patrick, founded monasteries in Ireland?
Who called himself the 'servant of the servants of God'?
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Who wrote City of God and Confessions?
What caused the Dark Ages?
What years are considered to be the Dark Ages?
Council of Chalcedon is condemned what heresy?
The word 'pope' comes from what word, meaning father?
Council of Chalcedon reaffirms Jesus has two nautres. What are the natures?
Who is the first hermit?
What are the monastic vows?the names of the vows
Who is the 'Father of Western Monasticism'?
Who is the first cenobite?
Who is the Frankish king who converted from paganism to Christianity after marrying Catholic princess?
What term did Pope Leo the Great use to call himself a great and powerful leader and head of state?
Whose twin sister is named Scholastica?
What is Christianity as the dominant organizational and cultural force in society?
Who is the Arian king of a Goth tribe in the west who took over rule of Italy and managed to keep peace between Goths and Italians?

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